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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

i ♥ Wedges!

If you are a real trend follower, I'm sure you're familiar with this one: Wedges!
Even if you don't really follow every trend, you still must have noticed them on the streets..

Wedges are one of this years fall, favorite trend amongst girls..

Most of the time, the heels sits under only the heel of the foot. The heels of wedges, runs under the foot from the back to the middle, and sometimes the front of the shoe. The heel somewhat has a triangular shape. The height of the heel does depend on the shoe, though.

A lot of people confuse a 'platform shoe' with 'wedges'.

I didn't have a chance to get some wedges yet, nor did I see some I like in the stores. Girlscene posted an article about wedges today. And in that article I got a site where they sell some really nice ones. And I wanted to share a few of my favorite ones with you!

1. Lotte Camel
€ 25,-
Heel: 10.5 cm
Boot Top: 9 cm
Material: Leatherette

2. Macie Zwart
€ 22,-
Heel: 10 cm
Boot Top: 7.5 cm
Material: Faux Suede

3. Claire Beige
€ 45,-
Heel: 9 cm
Boot Top: 37 cm
Material: Faux Suede
Detail: Zipper

These are just 3 of so many that I liked. And the prices are ridiculously cheap if I must compare them with other stores. So I will see if I can get a chance to go get some fast!

Want to see the rest? Visit Alysa Mode.
It is a Dutch site, so the the first and the second you will find them under >> "Korte Laarzen".
And the last one under >> "Lange Laarzen"

Do you know any other site? Or do you have a picture off one you really like? Or one that you actually have.. post me the link, post a picture or just a little comment in the comment box below :)


Saturday, October 23, 2010

New York!! uhhh.. NewYorker!! ♥

So my cousin told me that she had a little suprise for me tomorrow, which involves putting on cute clothing,camaras, dj's and a little shopping spree!
As if I had no new cute clothing, I took her little invitation as a pre-shopping trip the day before..

It was a rainy day, but nothing can really come between me and all those clothing stores waiting for me..

My first stop was all chic and geek in Paris with my cool pink sunglasses

I always loved Claire's and I always manage to spend at least 25, it doesn't matter if it is € or $. I mean which girl can resist all those cute jewelry and other girlie accessories.. NOT ME, that's for sure!

left: eiffeltoren earrings €5.95
right: pink sunglasses earrings €4.50
When I saw the eiffeltoren ones, I grabbed it right away. It is so cute and girly. And I want to go to Paris sooo bad. So whenever I will wear it, I will probably feel a little plus proche de Paris. The sunglasses, I think they're cute, funny and very unique. Very funky.

black earwarmers with little bow €14.95
I love earwarmers, I think I love them because they're cute and I know of a lot of people that don't really wear these in the winter. I don't want to be just like the rest.

black retro glasses €8.95
I've wanted these for so long, just because it's funky and I wouldn't normally go out with it.. But I did want to buy to try it on and take funny pictures. haha

Next was : Tally Weijl- Totally Sexy..

A super cool store which I never even heard off before. But once I saw it I went in right away. It has a very stylish style with a little bit of a pinkish touch and some cool disco light balls. And the prices are very affordable. I would loveeee to work at a place like this. Would take a picture of the store, but usually it isn't allowed. So I didn't want to be embarrassed in front of all those people, just in case.

First I was just going to buy this nudeish belt with round golden studs €7.95,

but when I was in line at the cashier, I saw this cute necklace with detailed black flowers and rhinestones €5.95, I couldn't resist..

Yess, i did buy skirts in winter time :)

NEW YORKER: I once walked pass this store, but I had no money.. so I didn't dare to enter!! This store makes you crazy. It has like similar fashion style as H&M and maybe even Mango.. but some of the prices are so much more attractive!!! Gosshhh..

First I saw this tee with print €4.95, which was very military-like, which trend I am loving nowadays btw..

These skirts were on sale, because winter is coming up and nobody really wants to be wearing skirts in this cold. Neither do I.. I still bought it, because I thought of next years summer! Cause then everybody would probably be buying skirts again!
And you wouldn't believe the prices these skirts have now.. Just wait a couple months and you'll see the same types of skirts for far more money!! Smart thinking huh?!

The leopard one €9.95 I wore already, but unfortunately I didn't have any pictures taken... I wore it with a pair of black leggings, a black tank top and a leopard print cropped vest. With a pair of high boots..
The skirt is 100% polyester.

The black and grey striped one €6.95, is a little shorter than the leopard. It has a little zipper in the back. And it is 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

This black cropped vest €9.95 is just something you can wear with anything really. With these shoulder statements, you'll look stylish either way!

These dark olive plaited straps €2.95 will look really cute either in your hair as a hair band or you can wear it has a forehead-band.

My Underground Discovery

God knows how many times I entered V&D in the Hague.. And I never knew that there were stores underground too.. I always just stayed on the what I thought was ground floor.. but last saturday I discovered this store which is basically to die for..

They have shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, bags.. but i went directly to their jewelry and accessories and bought..

this layered necklace with pearls €7,-, detailed with a flower. In the back you can tie it in a bow with this dark blue velvet lining.

this peach-y head band with a big flower €4,-

this flowery bow headbow €5,-

I just realised everything I bought has either a flower pattern or e detailed flower..even this ring €4,-

Lady Gaga saved my life!

Remember the particular pink shade color I couldn't find for sooo long? Thanks to Lady Gaga that is a problem no more! :D
I went into Bijenkorf where they have a special area for M.A.C makeup.. Well apparently Lady Gaga has this lipstick line called: 'Lustre Lipstick: Rouge à Lèvres', where they had the shade I was looking for.. I was so happy I finally got it!! I did pay €17.50, but just for this time it was worth it..

And finally, the last stop isssss...

A 'Oh-my-God' jewelry store! I'm serious.. a girl will go crazy in theree.. I did *blush face*

But I manage to buy only..

this silver ring €5.95

Got any questions or comments, be free to leave them ;)


Friday, October 22, 2010

All in Search of.. ♥

There is not one store I went, and didn't buy a pink lipstick !

Crazy right?!

But none of these are the pink I really want.. I have no clue where I can get this particular shade:

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I CAN FIND THIS SHADE?! I have no idea where to go next! So if you have any idea, leave a comment. With the name of the store, the name of the brand, shade and the price.. If you know!

Gracias! If your tip is golden, I will love you for life.. lol


What I bought.. ♥

For the ones that didn't know.. I've been living in Holland for about 2 months now.
(From August this year till today).

Yesterday in one of my bored-and-nothing-to-do-moments, I took everything I bought these 2 months and lay them on my bed..
Don't faint..

They are too much stuff to mention individually.. But most of the clothing are meant for the winter! Mostly from, H&M and V&D.

Closer look:


MNY makeup ♥

Have you heard about Maybelline's 'sister' brand makeup?
It's called MNY Cosmetics and they are soooooooooo affordable!
No joke! All the items are for less than €3 !!!
In the Netherlands they are only available in 'Etos', so be sure to go get them..
Here is a little clip, I found on

The same day I first heard about it, I went to 'Etos' to buy some of their products.
I didn't buy every single product, yet! I first wanted to test out a few before I get the whole collection!

Here is a picture of the products I have so far..

from left to right:
1. My balm 375 €1.99
2. My gloss TB 295 €1.99
3. My gloss TB 397 €1.99
4. My penc 010 €1.99
5. My penc 030 €1.99
6. My gloss 281 €2.99
7. My gloss 285 €2.99
8. My gloss 160 €2.99
9. My blush 501 €2.99
10. My blush 201 €2.99
11. My blush 401 €2.99

I must say, I love this brand so far. And I will buy the rest of the collection. So keep posted! Want to see the whole collection?

Did you try it already? What was your opinion? Leave a comment!


Definition: Shopaholic ♥

Shopaholic : A person who shops compulsively or very frequently.

So, Shopaholic doesn't mean you buy a lot at those slightly more expensive stores.
It just means, you love to shop. Doesn't matter where.
I love to shop, I really love it. I am more and less fortunate than others. Everybody is.

Don't: Be afraid to say you shop at the "market" (Dutch: de markt)
The word may seem cheap, but the first time I've been there.. Woww! You can find the coolest and prettiest things at the market, for an unbelievable price! Stuff you would normally get for a much higher price in the store, you could get it for 50% off.. Sometimes even more!
So don't be ashamed! Because you know why? The market is always full of people. So you're definitely not the only one buying there...
Do: Take in consideration that you can not always afford the more expensive brands, like Baby Phat, Birkenstock, Ugg etc. But no dissapointment here, there are always similar brands that are cheaper! And in the mean while, you can save up the buy the real deal !


A little Introduction ♥

Hii readers,

my name is Tiffany and I am 20 years old.
I see myself as a typical girly girl.
Pink, Fashion, Makeup, Shopping > It all interest me in a Major way !

So in this blog, you will find some products I purchased, fashion news which interest me, and lots of others stuff that inspire me !

Hope you will enjoy,
Don't hesitate to leave comments.
And I will appreciate your follow :)