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Sunday, June 30, 2013

iReview: Sunglasses Shop ❤

Now that's it's officially summer, it's the perfect time to search for the perfect pair of sunglasses (or two pairs, I'm not judging). Or at least we hope it's the perfect time, seeing that this Dutch weather is not something to rely on. But if you're going on vacation or if you have high hopes for a sunny summer, then I suggest you know about: Sunglasses Shop.

Sunglasses Shop is one of the biggest online retailer for sunglasseses within Europe. They have a very large range of sunglasses, from exclusive designer labels to the very affordable kind. And if you're looking for a specific brand, all you have to do is go through their ABC-brands list. I honestly never knew there were so many brands of sunglasses!! But I think my favorite thing about Sunglasses Shop is, that for every pair of sunglasses they offer style notes. That way you'll know for sure if a particular pair will fit your face shape and hair style. You can also find sunglasses as-seen of some of your favorite celebrities. I think that's so cool!

Sunglasses Shop was nice enough to send me a pair of sunglasses of my choice from one of their brands: SXUC. SXUC is one of their top20 brands and are on the most affordable sunglasses they have. I went for the SXUC Mirrored Aviator in silver. You can find these sunglasses right here! I recently posted this picture of me wearing the SXUC Mirrored Aviator sunglasses on my instagram.
For more SXUC sunglasses or other amazing brands, you should definitely check out the section for women. You can easily filter through all their sunglasses based on brand, color, lens, price range and frame shape.  

Tell me what you think of my new sunglasses.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New In: PU$$PU$$, Boys and Pink Panties ❤

Soooo it's been a while since I last blogged, isn't it? School and my internship have kept me so busy lately and on top of that, my laptop is about to break into pieces...literally lol! So scheduling my posts is a bit more difficult right now. But I went on a little shopping trip yesterday and wanted to show you what I got! H&M and New Look had some great sales!
New Look  7
New Look 7
H&M  15 
H&M  9.95
H&M  9.95
New Look has bras and panties on sale you guys!!! The bra was like 5 and the panties were either 2 or 1.25!! Crazy right?

 I was having a little fun in the fitting room at H&M and posted these two pictures on instagram.
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 What do you think of my latest haul?

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Friday, June 7, 2013

SHOPPING TIP: MostWanted ❤

As you might know, I loooove discovering new trendy and affordable webshops. MostWanted is definitely one of them. One of my lovely colleagues at my internship is the co-owner of this fashionable webshop and I love asking her for the inside scoops. MostWanted mostly sells trendy items from the Netherlands, Paris and Berlin. They started selling all their items on facebook, but this week they finally launched their very own url: MostWanted
I already got myself some MostWanted items! The glamour campus top and the tiger top! I also have a neon pink GEEK shirt! :D But I'm sure I'll get a lot more soon, cause their stuff is so cuuute!
Instead of telling you how awesome MostWanted items are, I'm just going to show you.
Stud Bag 20
Mirror Glasses 12.50

Shortje 20
Fringe Ketting 20
Neon Statement Ketting 20
Cross Oorbel 7.50
Geek Top 15
Cuuute, right?! But they have a lot more on their webshop, so just click here and see for yourself! Tell me what items you like the most!

Don't forget to like them on facebook and follow them on instagram! They always share sneakpeeks of new items! :D

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Outfit: Holy Pastel ❤

Yesterday was my little cousin's First Holy Communion and I wanted to dress up a little for his celebration. It was so nice out, so I decided to go for the girly pastel look. The pictures aren't really of high quality, since I took them with my iPhone, but oh well...

My pastel purple dress is from H&M as you might have guessed from one of my previous blogposts. The pink blazer and the necklace are also from H&M from a while back and the bronze heels are one of my newest shoes from

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