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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Miami Travel Diary ❤

Hello lovelies,

I'ts been a week since I am back from Miami and I am still ever so depressed about it. Literally for weeks I have been looking forward to this trip and now it feels like it was over in one blink. All though three days were certainly not enough for a certified shopaholic, I made sure to shop till my feet literally could not move anymore. And even then, I was still able to pass by a few stores before returning back to the hotel lmao. A full post of my latest haul will be online soon, but first I'll take you on a little throwback to my Miami days.
miami travelling confessions of this shopaholic
miami travelling confessions of this shopaholic
Hello Miami :) So nice to meet you
miami travelling confessions of this shopaholic
A shopaholic's dream: the hotel being 1 minute away from Dolphin Mall
miami travelling confessions of this shopaholic

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Traveling to Miami ❤

Hello lovelies,

Right this moment I'm on the plane hopefully arriving safely in Miami for a short little vacay. I've never actually been outside the airport, so I'm craaaazy excited! Can't wait to go just a little sightseeing, have quick outfits shoots, eat at typical American restaurants and mostly.. SHOP! I've known about this trip for a while now, so I definitely did my research on the different malls around my area. I didn't bring my laptop, so I won't be blogging throughout this trip. But be sure to follow me on instagram (@PrncszTffny), because I'm sure I'll post tons of fun snaps on there. 

Aaaaaah I'm sooo excited! I promise I'll tell you guys all about my trip once I'm back!


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