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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh Lanvin ♥

So today was the big day.. Lanvin Collection in H&M! Finallyyy..
Will you believe me if I tell you I woke up since 4 o'clock in the morning? It wasn't my intention though..I put my alarm clock to 5:30 am. But I guess I was a little too excited. I didn't make a big deal about what to wear, I had all the time in the world. When I got there, it was about 7 o'clock, so I had 1 hour more to wait until the stored opened. There was already a small line of people, mostly girls waiting. Seems like the girls who were way in front, got there since 5:00 am!!!
I loved the way they turned the window into a Lanvin madness with all these funny cute mannequins.

I got a yellow band , meaning at 8:20 it was my turn to enter the Lanvin shop area. 15 minutes shopping seems such a short time, but when you're in line waiting for the group before you to finish, it seems like an eternity!
I already sorta knew what I was going to get, so I went to that rack right away. Along the way to the cashier I also saw this skirt, which seemed interesting so I got it aswell. Don't worry.. I did try it on first. The shirt is XS, but you won't believe how big it is!!!

When we were waiting in line we got this cute cloth bag from Lanvin

These are the cloth hangers you get to keep when you buy something :D

And this is the cute shopping bag shopping bag.
Mine is a little destroyed :( cause after I was finished it started raining.

The Lanvin shopping area was so cool, but taking pictures wasn't allowed..sorry

Did you got an item of this Lanvin [heart] H&M collection? Show me..


Douglas ♥

When you have a lot of hours of free periods on one day, you kind of get bored. So me and my friend decided to go to the centrum. I actually wanted to look for a shorter winter jacket than what I have now, but we didn't even get to that. My friend asked me if the Hague's city got this store named 'Douglas', and I was like huh, I don't know.. The name doesn't sound familiar to me, neither does it sound anything that's me. Boy, I was wrong!! Douglas is this store where you can get perfumes, makeup, hair accessories, bath gels etc. Omggggg, just by thinking back I get excited! Lots of cute stuff for the bathroom as well. The prices are to my suprise so loowww.. It's the perfect place if you want to buy your mom, sister, cousin or best friend the perfect christmas/birthday gift.

For myself I got this, bathroom soap thingy full with silver rhinestones €8,95..

Cute huh?


Friday, November 12, 2010

Knock Knuckle! ♥

Just visiting other fashion blogspots I found this website, Fashionology.. at first I thought it was a site with fashion knowledge, tips and newest trends, because of the name. But it is an online store that sells jewelry.
Not really my taste, but I did found this above-knuckle ring I kinda liked..

I have not seen anyone with this yet, that makes me even more eager to get it as soon as possible!


Fashion to eat! ♥

Christian in the fashion world.. Rings a bell?
Now what if I add Louboutin? Now it does right!

This amazing shoe designer doesn't only give high heels to die for, it even feeds you. With these Louboutin shoes cookies. According to Fashionscene this eatable great idea was not that one from Louboutin itself, no it was from Sugar Envy. They also make fashionable cookies in designerbags, nail polish and dresses and more fashionables, but the Louboutin's are definitely the most beloved..

They look delicious right?

I wonder if these Louboutin's I could afford, lol


Woolen for Winter ♥

I don't need to tell you that winter is close, you probably already feel it everytime you leave the house! This cold is just so not-cool! But I've been warned that it will only get worse.. #fml!
But cold or no cold, looking cute is always essential! Isn't it?

I read about these woolen headbands to keep your ears warm and look adorable slash stylish at the same time, on Girlscene.

I'm thinking about getting a pair/ pairs. My earwarmers don't need to feel betrayed though, I am still planning on wearing the cute ones I bought a couple of weeks ago. It's just nice to change it up a little.. Few days earwarmers, and some other days woolen headbands.

Check out a few I thought were very cute..

these are from ASOS.

What do you think about these winter woolen headbands? Worth a try, or do you prefer not too?

Know about another winter accessories you think is gonna be a major trend this year?
Let me know! Your predictions could be right..


Saturday, November 6, 2010

"We want Lanvin, Not Flowers.." ♥

23 november is THE day! And if I wasn't in this sort of money crisis right now, I would be even more excited!!

I already love everything about H&M.. But the fact that on this day, "Lanvin voor H&M" launches, makes it even more loveable. Want more info about the collection and such? Here is the 'LANVIN TO DESIGN EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION FOR H&M THIS AUTUMN' press release.
The idea (in Holland, I don't know about elsewhere) of this date is that the first 320 people in line get one of the 16 different colored wristbands. Only females get wristbands. For the collection of males there are no wristbands. Lucky them, because these wristbands indicate which time you get to enter. Every shopper gets ONLY 15 minutes in the shop! But here is the catch: There is a purchase limit of 1 piece or 1 size per item!! Sad part is = Sold out means SOLD OUT! Girlscene.

There is something sooo special about the whole campaign. Everything has something so unique, girly and stylish at the same time.. If you see the site, the logo, the clothes hangers, the shopping bags etc. It is just soo cool! So original! And God knows fashion is all about originality!!

Got excited about it? Get ready to wake up EARLY or just sleep in front of the shop all night if you must.. joke! Or maybe, a few Lanvin-crazies will actually do it. But I doubt it.

If you live in one of these 4 cities, consider yourself lucky >
Amsterdam: Kalvertoren & Nieuwendijk
Den Haag: Wagenstraat
Rotterdam: Beursplein
Utrecht: Radboudkwartier

I would tell you all about Lanvin and the Lanvin [hearts] H&M! But I think it's better if you read about it yourself, to really see what items you like and to really get to know about this collection!
So here you go babes:

What are you thoughts? Marking 23 november on your reminder or what?
Let me know, what pieces you thought looked fabulous and tell me which ones you'll leave on the racks!


Friday, November 5, 2010

What's Pretty and Comfortable? ♥


Remember I had a post about how I love wedges? Scroll down!
So I decided to order one pair from AlysaMode and I got them deliverd about 1 week ago!

I was really excited to wear them so yesterday I finally did at a class trip to the club in Rotterdam..
My feet didn't hurt the whole night! Usually when I'm wearing heels I am not able to dance through the night because of the pain and uncomfortable feeling heels give my feet. But not wedges! I was so impressed! It's because of the heels that runs from the end of the foot till in the middle. So it gives it a stable feeling, so you can dance the whole night plus walk a couple of miles back home! Pretty and Comfortable, it couldn't have been better!

These are the :
Kirsten Kaki
Code: FZ -135 KK

Sorry for the unprofessional photos and the change in color..
If you go on their website you'll see the actual khaki color it really has.

Now that I got me a pair of wedges, I definitely want to purchase a few more!

What do you think? Are they a DO or a DON'T for you?!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

My obsession this Season ♥

Every season has different trends. And everyone has different ones they love.
This fall/winter is full of new trends, and these are some of my favorites..

For the ones that didn't know.. Polyvore is a website used by fashion and art lovers where you can mix and match outfits and create your own set. I love Polyvore. For me it is kind of a before-going-shopping guide. In my head I create the "perfect" look -for an event or whatever, with the help of Polyvore! When I'm finished getting all my items together as one outfit, I can see if my perfect outfit was as perfect in my head as it is when I actually put them together. If it is,when I go shopping I know what I'm looking for right away. It's fun and it saves me a whole lot of time!

Trends you might recognize in my set are:

1. Leopard Print - I think this is my all time favorite this season.. I have sooo many things in leopard print.. I just can't stop buying them!
2. Military - To me it feels as I'm just as strong as the real deal! But of course more femenine.. And more fashionable!
3. MNY Maybelline Cosmetics - You read me talk about this cosmetic line already! Since I've bought some of the products, I used at least one of them everyday..
4. Soft Pink Lipstick - What can i say? Love it !
5. Winter Gloves - Winter is coming up! And I want to be as prepared as possible. I bought one pair in Leopard Print as well.. I'm obsessed okay!!
6. Flower Power - These past few weeks I noticed I bought a lot of flowery accessories! From rings, to necklaces to even hair accessories! They are cute and very girly and liven up your outfit.
7. Black Leather Leggings - Just like every girl needs a LBD, we need a BLL as well!
8. Ear warmers and Bows - Hey, they're cute!
9. Knee Socks - I was never fond of them before, but after seeing some street looks I totally am!
10. Wedges - In my next post, I'll talk a little about the ones I recently bought!
11. Tall Boots - Uhmm.. No description needed, I think! But if you must > Edgy and Stylish.. duh!

What are YOUR favorites this season?


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My 8-week Water Challenge ♥

Simple: Water is good for your body.
Water regulates your body temperature, transports oxygen to your cells and protects organs. And there is less chance for dehydration.
But for a teenage girl like me water is important because I get a clearer skin, healthier hair etc. etc.

I have never really been a fan of drinking water. Never!
People ask me "how can you not love drinking water? It has no taste" < EXACTLY!

Water has no taste, no color and that's why I prefer a coke 1000x more than water!

these 8 weeks are going to be different!

For beginning of November till the end of 2010, I decided to have my own drink-water challenge..

Since yesterday was Nov 1., I started yesterday..
I made up my own rules just to keep it fun..

A week has 7 days..
so by Day1, I should drink at least one bottle of water. By Day2 at least 2.. By Day3 at least 3 and so you get my point. I am of course allowed to drink more bottles than the minimum!
Note: my bottle is one of 50cl.. (Babysteps for me, people! lol)
And so I go on until week 8, which is at the end of December!

I am excited to see the end result.. So I am really into my own challenge and am very motived to go on!

Join me in my 8 week challenge!!!

Have another beauty-related challenge? I'd love to hear about them.. Comment!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Tie-ghten your Belt ♥

I love creative ideas you can use to change up your outfit a little and start new trends.. just like this belt..

According to not only girls are seen wearing this belt trend, even boys.

Here are some pictures: