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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Douglas ♥

When you have a lot of hours of free periods on one day, you kind of get bored. So me and my friend decided to go to the centrum. I actually wanted to look for a shorter winter jacket than what I have now, but we didn't even get to that. My friend asked me if the Hague's city got this store named 'Douglas', and I was like huh, I don't know.. The name doesn't sound familiar to me, neither does it sound anything that's me. Boy, I was wrong!! Douglas is this store where you can get perfumes, makeup, hair accessories, bath gels etc. Omggggg, just by thinking back I get excited! Lots of cute stuff for the bathroom as well. The prices are to my suprise so loowww.. It's the perfect place if you want to buy your mom, sister, cousin or best friend the perfect christmas/birthday gift.

For myself I got this, bathroom soap thingy full with silver rhinestones €8,95..

Cute huh?



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