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Monday, February 28, 2011

Shatter Me Nails ❤

Oh my gaaaaaaa, I'm sooooooo excited!!!!!
FINALLY- FINAAAAAALLYYY did I get a chance to get the Katy Perry by O.P.I black shatter nail polish. Like every beauty blogger has been talking about it!!!!

I got mine at Sephora (V&D) for just €11.95. If you don't have yours yet, you shouldn't continue reading my post right now. You should be on your way to your nearest Sephora store, because they are literally flying off the shelves. And the cashier told me that she couldn't promise they would re-stock once again, because they did a couple of times already. And everything is about 15% off. So freaking hurry your butt!!!

I wanted to film a video of the shatter effect on my nails. But I don't have any roommates and I am so tacky with the whole film and nail polish thing at the same time. So I just took a before and after picture.

I still wanted you to see the magic happen, so I went on youtube and got you a video. How nice of me right? :)

And remember, you can use any other color of any other brand you want as the first coat, before you apply the shatter nail polish. I want to see your shatter nails look, or do you have any tips?
I am so excited about this nail polish.. Finally a polish that can be messy, fun and the pattern doesn't have to match the other nails!!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shopaholicoverhere asks.. #002

Another SAOH asks...
I've been kind of obsessed with discovering some new webshops, because to be honest.. I'm kidding a little over H&M. Don't get me wrong, I love it. But what's the fun if having the same dress or blouse as million other girls. I know, it shows we all have fabulous style, because H&M isn't some cheap store. It's not expensive but the style is not cheap! But I still think it would be fun to find some new webshops for when I'm having my online shopping cravings.. So share me yours!!

Leave me 1, 2, 5, 70 if you must :)

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Coco who? ❤

Aren't these nailpolish and chanel rings cute? I sure thought so!
Finally something chanel I can afford, lol. That's why I had to have them.
GG handmade these, no not gossipgirl but GlamarousGia and she has more rings (very affordable!!) in her shop. You should also check out her bling phone covers. They are crazy! No doubt a real showstopper! And who doesn't want to look unique in a world full of pretenders?

For more about GG, definitely check out her blog at the link mentioned. Because she doesn't only sell cute stuff, she blogs about cute and fashionable stuff too. So it's a win-win situation. You can also like her facebook page.

What do you think? love or love?

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Saturday, February 26, 2011



Here's the deal.
I just signed up to participate in Urban-Stiletto's blogger contest 2011!
It's a contest for all the bloggers of Holland!
There are three fabulous prize titles:

And with those fab prize titles, ofcourse there's the fab prizes!!
So it's obvious that I want to win at least one! And that's why I need my followers now more than ever! You can vote for me EVERYDAY (1x per day) till 16th of April. The competition ends at 23:59!!

So please, will you help me win? The website is in Dutch, but it's really easy!
All you have to do is click, search for my blog name, and vote.
If you need it, you can use a translator.

If you voted, let me know and I will promise to find a way to show my real appreciation to all of you that did and hopefully were the reason I won.
If you have any problem voting, or just questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
I would like to take this moment, to thank everyone with a heart of gold that already voted! Keep making my day!! xxx

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Friday, February 25, 2011

a 10 for Inspiration #003

Every week when I try to collect 10 of my favorite pictures of that week, I realized how incredibly fast days go by!

Which picture did you like best?

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Coolcat Rihanna ❤

Dutch Rihanna fans!! This one's for you..

Rihanna has designed a fashion line for Coolcat, which launched today! The collection is inspired by her new album 'Loud' and consist of tops, some leggings and dresses. Here's just a little preview..

With every purchase you'll have a chance at winning 2 tickets to her concert in London!!! With: a roundtrip, hotel stay AND a $250 shopping spree!! Amazing right?!!!

So if you want to upgrade your closet with some RiRi flavor.. Hurry Up!!!
The collection is limited and is only available until 6th of March.
Coolcat is available in Holland and Belgium, btw!

Sources: ILFN,, Coolcat.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

You wanna be on Top? ❤

I am obsessed with America's Next Top Model! I am so proud to say that I have watched every single cycle so far, and I really hope there are far more cycles to come.
Because Holland is like one cycle behind, you dutchies might not know that the 16th cycle just premiered yesterday! It really sucks for me, but that's what the internet is for! Right after I came home from school today, I watched it and just like the other 15 cycles.. I already love it!!

The premiere of this cycle was totally and completely different!
I especially enjoyed the first 3 minutes of the intro..
First difference, we didn't get to see the usual panel castings with Miss & Mister J and Miss Banks ofcourse! The 14 selected girls were pranked in a very sneaky way, if I must add. They made them believe that they were not selected and had to go back home immediately. I'm not gonna spoil how they found out they were gonna stay, though. An other difference was that their first photoshoot was actually backstage while they were getting ready for their first runway, which they actually had to walk in a big bubble ball on a 20 inch plank thingy ON WATER!! I got so much respect for all of them for going through that, but at a certain point it got mad funny!
I noticed that at panel Tyra wasn't wearing her usual high fashion gear, but had a tshirt with the face of André Leon Tally, which was a total suprise to him, haha!

My first impressions of the girls was that they were very photogenic with a lot of potential! Especially a few of them.. I don't have a favorite yet, but there are a couple ones that I just know I'm going to end up hating.. like always.
But overall, I loved this season premiere and I can't wait for this cycle to really get started!!

If you haven't watched it yet but was planning to watch it soon, I hope I haven't ruined the whole thing!! And for the ones that already did watch, what did you think? Have a favorite already? Or someone you can't wait to see going home?
Comment and let me know! Since it's my top 5 fav. tv show, I love discussing about it!
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Being Girly ♥

I'm sure many many many many of you know the site named Tumblr, right????
Because if you DON'T...!!!!!

 biggie! haha I'll just take this time and explain it a little.

How do I explain tumblr? hmmm..
First of all, I l-o-v-e it!
It's about sharing your inspirations and expressing yourself through beautiful pictures, text, videos..just anything.
On tumblr you can really just be your own person. The moment you log on to tumblr, it's your world. You express the way you feel and no one can judge you. People can like your stuff, they can reblog it, they can follow you, but they can't judge you.
It's this site that made me realize that there are so many people just like you. At one point, we all feel the same way, we all want to do the same things, and we all think the same thoughts. Amazing!

My tumblr is really girly, luxe and pink (duh!) and I just love to go through it.
It's about fashion, makeup, beauty, cute things, celebs i adore.. and just things i wish i could afford. Tumblr isn't about the popularity (some tumblrs have about 500,000 followers, I swear!!!!) but I am so excited to have 500 followers. It gives you the feeling that you connect with people. That's why there's a quote going around that.. "facebook makes you hate people you know in real life- but tumblr makes you like people you never even met". I totally agree!

Curious yet? You should be. Make a tumblr today!!
For the ones that already did, take a look at beinggirly.
Follow me if you like :) and send me a message, i love getting those.
Share your tumblr and I promise to check it out and leave you one too.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

FANCY mascara♥

Did you Fancy lovers got this issue already? It's the NR02 - FEBRUARI 2011 issue. If not, go get it! You'll get a free mascara..I'm thinking of subscribing for Fancy, as a subscriber you'll get a lot of goodies and chances to win free stuff. But that is so not the only reason why I want to be a subscriber. I love reading Fancy. It's always full of fashion and beauty tips, real stories, good buys and so much more. Just a real girl-magazine, which is in dutch fyi. So sorry for the english speaking readers among us who have to miss out on this wonderful magazine, but then again you girls have Seventeen magazine I guess!

Since I love getting new makeup to try out, I decided to see if the mascara was a good one. It's a bit small, on the picture it looks like it's not. But the outside is very cute. It's full black with beauty written in silver and two silver kisses formed by some texts. I didn't notice any brand name.

Applying the mascara went really easy. The previous mascaras I used usually got hard right before the second round. But not this one, I could easily apply another coat and another just to double the volume effect. Using it after a while, the brush does get bits of clods. But luckily not my lashes. You see an instant difference once you're finished! So overall I am satisfied with the mascara and I threw it in my daily makeup case right after I was done. I give it a total of 7.5!

I was bored and made this pic after the mascara testing.
For the ones that did get your free mascara with your Fancy, how did you experience it? Or do you know any other mascara that does really get the volume thing going on real people, instead of being photoshopped in the magazines?

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