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Friday, November 12, 2010

Woolen for Winter ♥

I don't need to tell you that winter is close, you probably already feel it everytime you leave the house! This cold is just so not-cool! But I've been warned that it will only get worse.. #fml!
But cold or no cold, looking cute is always essential! Isn't it?

I read about these woolen headbands to keep your ears warm and look adorable slash stylish at the same time, on Girlscene.

I'm thinking about getting a pair/ pairs. My earwarmers don't need to feel betrayed though, I am still planning on wearing the cute ones I bought a couple of weeks ago. It's just nice to change it up a little.. Few days earwarmers, and some other days woolen headbands.

Check out a few I thought were very cute..

these are from ASOS.

What do you think about these winter woolen headbands? Worth a try, or do you prefer not too?

Know about another winter accessories you think is gonna be a major trend this year?
Let me know! Your predictions could be right..



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