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Friday, May 9, 2014

Shopping Break for this Shopaholic ❤

Heey lovies! You're problaby thinking "uhhh, THIS shopaholic is giving shopping a break?". And the answer is yes! :( Unfortunately with the ridiculous monthly rent of student housing and college tuition increases in the upcoming months, I need to change my shopping habits drastically. I decided to give up impulse shopping, until I find a job that can support my out-of-control shopping obsession again. It's going to be a huuuuge challenge! No doubt there'll be times I just wanna give in. But it's something I gotta do to be able to pay my bills and eat lol. Sad reality.

But nooo worries, my blog won't be going anywhere. I'm just going to have to be a little more creative to come up with fun new posts, that aren't my usual fashion haul posts! I already have a few ideas in mind :)

Have you ever been on a shopping break? If so, for how long and what were your biggest challenges?

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  1. Can't wait to see your new posts..I know it will be just as fabulous! Good luck with your job stuff!

  2. Oh dear.. Is it the end of the world already?! Hahaha good luck! My first time taking a break felt like a junkie in rehab


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