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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

i ♥ Wedges!

If you are a real trend follower, I'm sure you're familiar with this one: Wedges!
Even if you don't really follow every trend, you still must have noticed them on the streets..

Wedges are one of this years fall, favorite trend amongst girls..

Most of the time, the heels sits under only the heel of the foot. The heels of wedges, runs under the foot from the back to the middle, and sometimes the front of the shoe. The heel somewhat has a triangular shape. The height of the heel does depend on the shoe, though.

A lot of people confuse a 'platform shoe' with 'wedges'.

I didn't have a chance to get some wedges yet, nor did I see some I like in the stores. Girlscene posted an article about wedges today. And in that article I got a site where they sell some really nice ones. And I wanted to share a few of my favorite ones with you!

1. Lotte Camel
€ 25,-
Heel: 10.5 cm
Boot Top: 9 cm
Material: Leatherette

2. Macie Zwart
€ 22,-
Heel: 10 cm
Boot Top: 7.5 cm
Material: Faux Suede

3. Claire Beige
€ 45,-
Heel: 9 cm
Boot Top: 37 cm
Material: Faux Suede
Detail: Zipper

These are just 3 of so many that I liked. And the prices are ridiculously cheap if I must compare them with other stores. So I will see if I can get a chance to go get some fast!

Want to see the rest? Visit Alysa Mode.
It is a Dutch site, so the the first and the second you will find them under >> "Korte Laarzen".
And the last one under >> "Lange Laarzen"

Do you know any other site? Or do you have a picture off one you really like? Or one that you actually have.. post me the link, post a picture or just a little comment in the comment box below :)


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