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Monday, March 31, 2014

New In: Huge Summer Fashion Haul ❤

Hello lovies! Since mid-February up to now, I have been doing some shopping here and there. And so my summer-appropriate purchases have been piling up, waiting to be shown to all of you! Hence, this "huge" Summer Fashion Haul post! Hope you enjoy.
Click here for pink and green shoes!

This was not my first purchase, but I'm just doing it alphabetically for a more structured overview. I found this teal leopard midi skirt on in the sale section for just €8 (sold out now). It looked form-fitted on the website and that was the main reason why I liked it so much. But unfortunately when I tried it on, I was a little disappointed at the fit. But, it's still a very nice color.
Summer Fashion Haul Midi Skirt

These H&M items are some of my most recent purchases. Last week Thursday I was in Amsterdam and decided to go to H&M, since I still had a gift card with some euros on it. I did see much that I liked, but I didn't want to spend the money. So I just went with these two items from the sale section. Checked both items out for just €20.
Summer Fashion Haul H&M Lips Crop Top
Summer Fashion Haul Black Bralet Top H&M

Discovered Karma Clothing and just moments after I hit the jackpot with this awesome pink dungarees playsuit. It's still on sale for just €12,09 (+ shipping) and available in UK sizes 8 & 10.
Summer Fashion Haul Pink Dungarees Playsuit Karma Clothing

The two sunflower items I got from LookBook Store are probably the ones I am the most excited for. Been loving this trend since last summer, I was literally obsessed. And as you can see I still am. The skater skirt was only €13,86 including a 5% reward code. And the crop top was €15,20 with that same reward code. Such amazing deals! The only bummer is that the yellow flowers on the skirt are somewhat brighter than on the crop top, because I would have totally rocked it as a set otherwise.
Summer Fashion Haul Sunflower LookBook Store Skirt
Summer Fashion Haul Sunflower LookBook Store Crop Top

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cheers to the freakin... Inspiration #05 ❤

Happy weekend lovies! I'll be spending most of my weekend finishing off assignments and studying for exams! Blahhhh, but it needs to get done. I'm so ready for this school year to be over, but unfortunately it's not for a couple more months! At least the last semester is starting soon. But enough about school! I found these beautiful pictures over the past few days and they're just ❤❤❤!! Don't you agree?
Which one is your favorite picture?


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Friday, March 28, 2014

My New BornPrettyStore iPhone Case + Discount Code ❤

Happy fridaaay everyone! I'm happy today :) It's weekend, I finally got my iphone back this morning and to top it all of, I just received one of the cutest iPhone cases I've ever seen! A few weeks ago I got to pick out yet another new iPhone case of my choice. This time it was from BornPrettyStore. I was excited, because BPS phone cases are some of the cutest out there! Once I saw this white plastic case with two built-in hearts filled with tiny rhinestones, my choice was easily made! Check out the cuteness overload..
Born Pretty Store Rhinestones Glitter Love Heart Design
Born Pretty Store Rhinestones Glitter Love Heart Design
Born Pretty Store Rhinestones Glitter Love Heart Design
Isn't it the most precious thing? When you shake your phone, the rhinestones actually make a very cute noise. OH and the best part? The hearts are actually a small mirror! How cool? You can also check out the black one, if you'd like! And here are just a few of my other favorite cases: The cute polka dot case, in multiple colors. But of course I'm loving the pink one the most! The vintage phone case that kind of reminds me of London, which I totally want to visit very soon. And lastly, these three fun spring-appropriate flower cases! Take it from me, if you want some really unique iPhone cases, check out BPS' collection of iPhone 4/4S cases and iPhone 5 cases. And of course, I can't exclude you ladies with Samsung Galaxy phones, because PBS has Samsung cases as well!

>> But before you rush off to find your next phone case, stick around just a little while longer! Because, BornPrettyStore created a special 10% discount code just for all my lovely readers! And I'm telling you, with worldwide free shipping and this discount code, you'll probably end up spending pocket change! So don't forget to enter the code: TIANC10 at check-out. Let me know if you did, I'd love to see what you purchased! ^___^

edit: even though I think this case is so cute, taking flash photos is a big no no. All pictures appear with a white overlay.


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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Favorite ONENESS SS/14 Dresses ❤

Heey lovies! By now it is no secret that is one of my absolute favorite online shops to fill my wardrobe with. It used to be my one-stop spot to find some of the most awesome shoes, but lately I've been into their (party) dresses too. ONENESS is one of my favorite brands! A moment ago shared their newest SS/14 dress collection and I really wanted to show you my favorites. Their dresses are both cute and sexy and most importantly, affordable! Get ready to want to expand your dress collection this spring/summer!
ONENESS SS/14 Dresses
This open back flower dress is so ideal for a lunch date with a cute guy or your favorite girls! And the peach keyhole back dress and the coral bow peplum dress are perfect for a more festive occassion that still requires a little modesty. I feel like the last dress, the colorful wrap front skater dress, is so cute to wear on Easter this year. Don't you agree? The print reminds me of the colorful decorative eggs around this Holiday. 
ONENESS SS/14 Dresses
The cute floral bandeau waffle dress is so cute matched with brown/nude wedges for a lovely dinner. While these gorgeous blue off shoulder dress, the bow peplum dress and the black/white halterneck strap dress are more suitable for a fun night out! Both bow peplum dresses are the same, but I feel like the color blue just looks more sexier rather than cute with that little cut-out detail at the stomach area. 

These dresses all range from €21,95 to €54,95! How amazing? And besides all the cute dresses above, ONENESS has so much more cute stuff on I dare you to check it out for yourself.

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cheers to the freakin... Inspiration #04 ❤

Happy weekend! I'm trying so hard to not use internet as often as I normally do, because I don't want to burden my neighbor with a slow connection lol. It doesn't leave me with much to do, but oh well.. Thank God for card games on my laptop! On to Freecell game #201 :-o What has my life come too without internet? 

What is your weekend looking like so far?


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Friday, March 21, 2014

New In: Tropical Feet ❤

Heey lovies! This morning I thought this day was really going to suck, because my modem and decoder randomly decided to stop working as of last night. So I thought I would have no internet nor television this entire weekend! Luckily just now my downstairs neighbor was nice enough to lend me her wifi password for the time being. Or else I would have DIED out of boredom this weekend! So now that I am back in touch with the virtual world and I received my new superpretty shoes, I am happy again! So superficial I know :')
boohoo lace up multi print booties tropical print
So I actually had to go back to my older blog posts to see for how looong I've been wanting these particular heels. Don't you just love the feeling you get when you finally get something you've been lusting for so long? Aah!
Even though I am totally in love with the tropical print, I must say that this is more a sitting shoe than a walking/partying shoe. I feel because these booties have no platform whatsoever, it could get tiring fast. But I guess I'll have to put it to the test to know for sure! ;)

Grab these beauties with a 20% discount at Boohoo now, before it's too late!


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Thursday, March 20, 2014

SPRING 14 is here! My Favorite Spring Trends ❤

Heey lovies! So Spring is finally hereee. I'm ready to shove my winter coats all the way in the back of my closet and not take it out for at least 8 months! Or, I'm hoping I won't have too. But with this Dutch weather, you just never know. Another thing I'm also excited for, is finally getting to wear all the awesome new Spring trends. I thought I'd be a little more creative today and show you my favorite trends spelling SPRING :) 
Spring 2014 fashion trends jelly sandals
[S] I remember wearing these jelly sandals when I was a lot younger. My parents made us wear these when we went swimming and I hated them with a passion. So funny how my feelings towards them have done a complete 180. Now I am obsessed and need them in every color! I mean how cute are these three from Boohoo? Or this mint green and neon yellow one? Aaah want want want! 
Spring 2014 fashion trends pvc skirt
[P] Another trend I've been loving for a while are the PVCs items. Something about them is just so cool to me! Even though this trend is still lacking in my wardrobe, I have a feeling these skirts are going to pop up everywhere this season. These are my faves so far, a black & nude midi, and a purple mini. 
Spring 2014 fashion trends round sunglasses
[R] I can never get enough of sunglasses! Especially round sunnies are my faves at the moment. They're just a statement piece that can make any boring outfit more fun and playful! And hide your face when you're having a bad face day lol. These are some I'd really like to add to my collection soon:  pink cateye, nude glitter, white indie and black hipster sunglasses.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cheers to the freakin... Inspiration #03 ❤

Heey lovies! I've been absolutely loooving the weather lately and I can only hope it gets better and better throughout the summer. Spring is right around the corner, so I wanted to start spring cleaning! That's what's going to keep me busy today and maybe tomorrow. I bought a lot of pastel and floral home decor goodies lately, so I'm excited to get them all up. What are you doing today?

 Hope you enjoyed these pictures! :)


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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New In: €6,95 Shoe Sale ❤

Heey lovies! So last Tuesday started a new campaign where selected shoes were on sale for JUST €6,95!! I remember being in class and going crazy when I first read about it. But lucky for me that class was almost over, so I hurried home (got there in literally 5 minutes!) to fill up my cart. Unfortunately I was only able to get two pairs that I wanted in a size 6, because obviously when is having a €6,95 shoe sale I am not the only female going koekoe crazy!! But I did end up with these two new beauties. shoes €6,95 shoe sale campaign shoes €6,95 shoe sale campaign
NLY SHOES: Muriel [click]