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Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas Gifts Ideas for under €100 ❤

And just like that, it's time for the last of my Christmas gift guides. I really hope I was able to give you some inspiration on what to get for your loved ones as well as what to put on your own wishlist this year. Although all of these options are so perfect, they are the priciest out of all. So if you don't necessarily have the budget, you can always browse around my previous gift guides with prices up to €10, €25 and €50! You're bound to found something nice!
Christmas Beauty Gifts Ideas for under €100
Christmas Beauty Gifts Ideas for under €100
These beauty products all look like a beautiful dream..I'm just a sucker for very cute display items. I mean look at that Dior perfume bottle or those beautiful MAC brushes, do they remind anyone else of a mermaid? Or just me?

Christmas Home Decor Gifts Ideas for under €100
Christmas Home Decor Gifts Ideas for under €100
I don't even need to explain why these bedding sets make for the most perfect gift ever, I mean just look at them? I could definitely see myself peacefully sleeping under this beautiful princess grown with my tiara on. Another favorite of mine is definitely that golden globe, absolutely gorgeous for a desk table!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Christmas Gifts Ideas for under €50 ❤

I hope you aren't getting bored of my Christmas gift guides just yet, because I do have a few more fun gift ideas to show you! If you've missed my previous gift guides, you'd definitely want to check out my options for gifts under €10 and gifts for under €25 as well! Today's gifts are ideal for the people on your list that are really into cute and sparkly packaging.  
Christmas Beauty Gifts Ideas for under €50
For your best friend or sister that has a super girly side, these beauty gifts are definitely great picks. Great to use as well as a pretty decorative piece for their vanities! 

Christmas Home Decorations Gifts Ideas for under €50
I just want to buy all of these home decoration for myself, they're just too cute! And if you or your loved one has a serious wanderlust, the scratch world map is definitely a priceless gift! 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Christmas Gifts Ideas for under €25 ❤

If you read my recent blog post on some (25 to be exact!) very cute Christmas gifts ideas for under €10, you know that I wasn't just going to leave it at that price point. I had so many great gift ideas to show you, that I wanted to split them into smaller categories based on their prices. This way you can get all of your loved ones something special, while making sure to stay within your budget. Get ready for over 20 gift ideas that are all between €10 and €25!
Christmas Beauty Gifts Ideas for under 25
You can never go wrong with a gift set of nail polishes or makeup brushes! And who doesn't like getting a new makeup bag as a gift? Also, if you and your best friend are Amrezy fans you two should totally get her 'Brooklyn' lipstick!

Christmas Home Decor Gifts Ideas for under 25
Christmas Home Decor Gifts Ideas for under 25
Aren't these home decorations the cutest? I wish I could just purchase all of them for myself! Every single item would totally spice up any shelf, coffee table in any room! 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Christmas Gifts Ideas for under €10 ❤

With so much going on before the holidays and end of the year, things can get a little stressful as far as getting all of your shopping done. Now I know this time shouldn't be all about gifts, but let's face it.. it's a big part of the celebration. And depending on the size of your social circle, shopping can get pretty pricey. So in the course of these upcoming weeks, I'll share my favorite gift ideas all for under a specific price point to help you out!

First things first.. Gifts under just €10!
Beauty Gift Ideas for under 10 euro
Buying makeup as gifts for others can be tricky, so I opted for beauty products that are a little more generic for every female. 

Home Decor Gift Ideas for under 10 euro
I love buying home decor for myself, but they make great gifts as well! These ideas show that the decor gifts don't have to be elaborate at all.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

New In: HEMA Marquee Letter Lights ❤

Just a couple of days after I raved about the marquee lights from HEMA, I discovered that they were on sale for a little while on the website! I couldn't pass it up so before I knew it, I was checking out my initials. Today I got to pick up my packages at HEMA and bring these babies home. 
hema letterverlichting marquee letter lights interior
I am obsessed! And I love the fact that the lights don't have any cords and are therefore battery operated. It just makes them much more portable and look a lot cuter as a decor piece. For more available marquee lights, check out HEMA

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Event | Zalando Bloggers Awards 2015 ❤

Last weekend I got to go to the Zalando Blogger Awards for the first time. And because of that, I didn't really know what to expect. But it was pretty fun and I even got to tag along with a few fellow bloggers. See more of the events through the pictures below.
Event Report Zalando Blogger Awards 2015 Amsterdam
Event Report Zalando Blogger Awards 2015 Amsterdam
Event Report Zalando Blogger Awards 2015 Amsterdam
Event Report Zalando Blogger Awards 2015 Amsterdam
Event Report Zalando Blogger Awards 2015 Amsterdam
The Award Winners for "Best Newcomer", "Best Vlogger", "Best Fashion Blog" and "People's Choice"
Event Report Zalando Blogger Awards 2015 Amsterdam
The bloggers from left to right: Fashionanna, Byisabeau, Invisible Creations and Commedescoco

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fall 2015 Fashion: Grey is the New Black ❤

Grey is such a versatile color when it comes to fashion. I was really into it this past summer, but I love it even more this time of year. It's simplistic, oozes sophistication and is basically the new black in my eyes. I've gathered a few grey items, that I would love to add to my fall wardrobe. I'm especially loving how there are tons of shades to choose from.
Grey Fashion Trend Fall/Winter 2015
The first top items include some everyday platform boots, a cozy "Not your Bae" sweater, a very pretty metallic top and a grid check duster. This duster coat is perfect for days you feel like layering. The four bottom items are a nice bouclé oversized coat, a casual rib knit pencil skirt and a fancier metallic pencil skirt, as well as some really fashionable ankle pointed stiletto boot
Grey Fashion Trend Fall/Winter 2015
I like the look of this bouclé cardigan and the knit roll neck crop jumper seems like it can keep you really warm, despite it being cropped. And nothing screams fall more than a wool hat, am I right? I also really like this faux fur satchel and plunge ruched knitted dress. As well as the light grey nail polish & dark grey nail polish from H&M. 

How do you feel about wearing grey in the fall of winter season? Which of these items would you like to add to your wardrobe as well?

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Trendy Interior Tip: Marquee Lights from ❤

Lately most of my pins have been interior related. I just love learning about the new trends in home decor land and finding inspiration for my own (future) apartment. One trend that I've come across a lot lately are the letter lights, or as I've seen them being called: Marquee Lights. They're the perfect decor piece for in your office space or bedroom. According to Pinterest, marquee lights are a fitting DIY project. But in case you're not really the crafty type, you can probably also get them in stores near you.
Trendy Interior White Marquee Lights Letterverlichting HEMA
Photos from Yara_Michels, IngeKamminga, HEMA blogEline StamJuudithhuls
You're especially in luck if you're a Dutchie, because I found these trendy lights on the website of HEMA yesterday. Maybe I'm super late and this is old news. But I just had to share it with all of you. I couldn't find majority of the letters in the alphabet, so I'm not sure if they sold out, or if HEMA never had them. But I'd still check out the selection, these lights also make a great gift for a special someone. Find all the available HEMA letter lights [here].