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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Big Beauty Book for the Holidays: Nails ❤

In my previous blog post I've shared ten outfit ideas for the Holidays, so it's only right I show you what I think are great beauty products as well. I'm calling it the Big Beauty Book and today I'm starting it of with some beautiful nail polishes. Because our nails are just as important as a flawlessly beat face! So go ahead and pick your favorite polish for the season! Wouldn't dare leave out some bright and sparkly polishes for all you glitter lovers out there. But was sure to include some solids in there as well. Enjoy reading! 

Glitter Nail Polish Holiday Nails
The GOLD ones: 
618 Gold - Collistar | 040 Goud Glitter - Mavala | 910 Gold Lurex - L'oréal Paris

The SILVER ones: 
912 Diamond Lurex - L'oréal Paris | 141 Magic Snow - Mavala 

The BLACK one: 
Diamond Dust - Rimmel London

Glitter Nail Polish Holiday Nails
The BRONZE ones: 
872 Jet Setter - IsaDora | 619 - Bronze - Collistar

The RED ones: 
Ruby Crush - Rimmel London | 043 Glitter Rood - Mavala | 140 Magic Circus - Mavala

The BLUE one:
342 Glitter Blue - Mavala 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

December 2015 Lookbook: Holiday Party Outfits ❤

With just a few weeks left before Christmas and New Years, I bet your social schedules are filled with office parties, festive family dinners and fun nights out with friends. And for a true fashionista that usually means multiple party outfits! That's why I've created a special December 2015 lookbook for you to draw more than enough outfit inspiration for all of your fun and festive upcoming events. With these 10 outfits, I'm sure you'll be the life of the party! Get inspired and shop away :)
Holiday Party Outfit Ideas
Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Holiday Heels 2015: The Perfect Party Shoes ❤

With so many festivities and activities on the agenda this month, I bet your fashion choices are on top of a long laundry list of things you still have to take care of. But with this holiday shoe catalog, I'm hoping to make things a little easier for you! Scroll down for more than 30 cute and festive shoe picks that are appropriate for all December occasions: office parties, family dinners, night out with friends and so on. 
Holiday Party Shoes Women
Holiday Party Shoes Women
Holiday Party Shoes Women

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party 2015 ❤

Every Christmas season I dream of having an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party sleepover or something, but it just never happens. I just think it's the perfect way to get all of your friends together and get into the Christmas spirit, while looking hideously cute! Even though this sweater party is most likely not going to happen for me this year either, I'm pretty sure I'll still rock a festive outfit on Christmas morning. So I'd thought I'd show you some 'ugly' picks for your very own festivities this month. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Perfect Christmas Gifts for Bloggers ❤

First off, I cannot wrap my head around the fact that it's officially December. This year went by crazy fast! But now back to the actual post. I love identifying myself as a blogger and I'd like to think that as such, I'm part of a special community. That's why I came up with the idea to create a gift guide blog post especially for bloggers!

It's no secret that the difference between maintaining a good and a crappy blog is mostly the content! A great way for me to stay on track is by writing down all of my ideas and scheduling my posts over a period of time. That way I can work ahead and stay organized. And having a planner makes it that much easier. The Bloggers Planner offers a variety of customizable planners and I'm completely obsessed! All of their planners have different purposes that just make planning out your projects and upcoming posts so much more fun! Especially because you get to decide your own title cover! I'm definitely considering ordering my very own "Confessions of this Shopaholic" planner!
Perfect Christmas Gift Bloggers blogger planner
source: @blog_planner