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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

End of the Month Favorites: February ❤

When you're not keeping track of something, but then look back, you realize how fast time has actually gone by. We're already entering the third month and I feel like it's flying by more than ever. I'm not complaining though!

After having done this EMF post once before, I noticed nothing has really changed about my routine makeup products. For my face and eyes, I have been using the same products as in January. Time to switch it up in March!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Wardrobe SneakPeek ❤

I have received an email from Alyzo Fashion News, asking if I would be interested in showing off my wardrobe. Each week they show the wardrobe of a different (blogger) fashionista in the hope to inspire their readers even more. So of course I am interested! Even though a wardrobe is something personal, I love 'going through' other fashionista's closets, and be inspired. So hopefully I can do the same for others.

When my piece is up, I will definitely let you guys know. But for now enjoy a little sneak peek


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Monday, February 27, 2012

Milani Neon Nailpolishes ❤

Since neon is already big this season, I have been going crazy trying to find a few neon accessories to colorboost my outfits. I might need to go on a few more hunts! Definitely because I'm dying to find some stylish statement necklaces, but more importantly I'm dying to find the perfect yellow neon nailpolish to rock this spring!

When I was still living at home, I had a phase where I was such a neon-nailpolish freak, so I had to buy these nail polishes! The Milani SPECIALTY NAIL LACQUER NEON contains 4 more colors (Techno Red, Awesome Orange, Dude Blue and Pink Rocks!). I bought these a long time ago in Curacao, so I'm not sure if this collection is still available.
Does anyone know if they sell Milani nail polishes in Holland?
More importantly, do you know of an awesome neon yellow nail polish?


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Saturday, February 25, 2012

New In: It's Raining Blue Glitters ❤

As a celebration for our little vacation next week, me and two of my closest classmates went for a fun afternoon of shopping in Rotterdam yesterdayFirst store we entered was Bershka. Normally I never shop at Bershka, but thank God I did! I found these cute blue glitter shorts and a knitted glitter sweater on SALE. Sale is like my favorite word when it comes to shopping, I swear.

I'm in love with my new shorts!


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Friday, February 24, 2012

a 10 for Inspiration #041

This weekend is going to be a fun one! Going to see Bow Wow & Omarion perform at Black Music Special, and a short little vacation the next week. Love it. 

 I'm definitely diggin the first pair of heels and the knitted shorts! What about you?


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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blogger Inspired by Bloggers ❤

The fun thing about blogging for me, is to be able to look up to a few (bigger) bloggers that really inspire me with their fashion style, and their fun personalities. Their way of dressing up and combining different textures and trends together, I find incredible. I think everyone has an eye for fashion, because no matter what you wear, it's still you expressing yourself. But the bloggers I really look up too, create these outfits that are so fashionable, that you can't help but feel inspired!

My all-time favorite blogger is: Dulce from
My main reason for looking up to her is, because she is also a petite. With her as an inspiration, I kinda get an idea of which trends goes with my body type. For instance, I used to think a maxi dress/maxi skirt wasn't for petites at all, till one day Dulce wore an outfit with a maxi skirt, and it looked incredibly stylish. I love all her outfits, and how she doesn't only wear expensive brands. If you check out her outfit posts, you can see that she also shops a lot at affordable stores, like H&M, Forever 21, Target, thrift stores etc. I believe that if you really want to inspire a lot of young females who look up to your style, you should express through your clothing that it's okay to be fashionable without having to spend thousands of dollars on clothing. What I also like about Dulce, are her youtube videos showing her AMAZING shoplogs, and her beauty and makeup tutorialsAnd have you ever seen her closet??? It's every girls' dream!!!!!

Here are just a few of her older but still amazing outfits.
All pictures are from DulceCandy's blog and facebook page.
 Here are a few other bloggers, with outfits to die for.
Would you have ever thought to layer two Jackets like that? Gal Meets Glam
Take a look at that Bag & Jacket, WOW! Oh My Vogue

Both AMAZING outfits! by chicmuse
Just love this outfit too much Walk in Wonderland
 Once I start posting my outfit pictures, and developing my own fashion style I would hope to become just as big of an inspiration for others, as these bloggers are for me!

From which blogger do you get the most inspiration from?


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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

FANTASTIC NEWS for The Hague ❤

Just this morning I was complaining to myself that new stores never open in the Hague. I was referring to Monki, since they're opening a new venue in Utrecht soon. But I'm taking every angry thought back, because I just read the most AWESOMEST FANTASTIC GREAT news ever! 

For a long time now there has been speculations that stores like Forever 21, Primark were opening in the Hague. And FINALLY the rumors have been confirmed!!! It's seems that 5 new stores are going to get their own venue in the centrum of the Hague, Forever 21, Hollister, Marks & Spencer, Primark & Topshop. The stores will each get their own surface of at least 4000 square feet divided into multiple floors!!! 

Obviously it would take a lot of time to build these stores, so they are expected to be done in 2013 or at the latest 2014! Honestly I don't care that I have to wait this long, it has been confirmed and that is all that matters to me!!! 

If I ever had thoughts about moving.....all have disappeared. My butt is staying RIGHT HERE.
Can you imagine actually shopping at Forever 21 soon? Not having to shop online or travel all the way to Antwerpen? Oh gosh :D:D

Source: Styleguide,


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My Favorite Spring Colors ❤

I'm so done with winter and the cold! I'm so done with thick scarves, warm coats and gloves! Honestly I just want summer, but since that's not really around the corner.. spring will do. Spring for me is the time where I add vibrant colors back into my closet. Since I have been wearing mostly dark colors in the winter, I am excited about going shopping for vivid colors. 
My favorite colors this Spring are definitely coral, mint green, red & (neon) yellow.

What is your favorite color for this Spring?


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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Webshop Crush: Nasty Gal ❤

Recently I've met my new webshop crush, and her name is Nasty Gal. I'm deeply in love and I would definitely love to enjoy some of her goodies soon. 
Some of the pieces are a little too pricey for me, but there are definitely some pieces that are very affordable. Enjoy some of Nasty Gal's awesomeness on the pictures below. 
                 Lace Pocket Blouse                  Envy Cutout Dress                     Diamond Stripe Skirt                
               Tied Chiffon Blouse                      Day Glo Dress                                     Mesa Knit Shorts
        Lita Platform Boots -                     Night Spike Platform                   Lita Platform Boot -
     Black Leopard Colorblock                                                                     Ivory Crochet

 Already familiar with this webshop?

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Friday, February 17, 2012