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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

H&M Fall '12 Wishlist ❤

Soon summer will be over and it'll be time to start wearing thicker and longer clothes again. Thank God the f/w collection from H&M is super fashionable, so I'm kinda looking forward to it. I created a mini wishlist of all the items that caught my eye. And hopefully I can scratch some things off soon. 

 I wish I could all the items at once, but this is my total :(

What do you think of my wishlist? And which item(s) would you want?

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Outfit: Rock the Crowd ❤

Yesterday I wore this outfit to the 'Rock the Crowd' party. Didn't have that much fun, but my outfit (especially my shoes) did get a lot of stares. 
Top - Buy Wise (Curacao), Skirt - (Curacao)
Clutch - H&M, Shoes - Buy Wise (Curacao)
Me and my mom still need to get the hang of taking outfit pictures with the right angles, the perfect location, the light etc. But we'll get the hang of it lol

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

New In: Fuchsia Shoes ❤

Just now I went shopping with my mom since I needed a new outfit for a party tonight! I must say I scored really well... I am the MOST happy with these new babies. Walking around in Buy Wise (Punda, Curacao) I saw so many shoes that I wanted. I even picked up a orange neon sandal to try on, when my eye caught these ones. It was love at first sight. ♥____
I always wanted to know how it would feel like to walk in these types of shoes, but I never expected it them to be THIS COMFORTABLE!!!  :D:D 
I can't wait for the party tonight. Hopefully I'll manage to get some great outfit shots too!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

A Dinner Night with Curacao Bloggers ❤

In my previous blogpost I blogged about the lovely day I had with fellow Curacao bloggers and how we made plans to meet up again some time soon. Yesterday we went to dinner at this grill restaurant, where we ate some super delicious food and had an awesome time. It's so great to know that together we can talk to about more than just fashion and beauty. 

Check out the photos taken yesterday...
My super delicious Chicken Sate with French Fries dish!
Stunning Ladies from left to right: Fashion, Beauty + More | Purfict Shade of Brown | Shades of Sexy Little Things | Young CuraGlam | Confessions of this Shopaholic | Everything Glamz! | GlamorousGia
Here's my outfit of the night!
Pink Vest - Unknown, Basic Black Top - Unknown, Peace Leggings - New Look 
Pink Cross Ring - Looking Good Today, Bow Ring - Forever21, Envelope Clutch - H&M
Shoes: got these as a present from my dad yesterday :D
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Day of Fun with Curacao Bloggers ❤

First of all, I apologize for being such a bad bad blogger lately. Lack of inspiration can really be a b#tch sometimes! Other than that, I'm still enjoying my vacation to the fullest. 
Yesterday me and a few other bloggers from Curacao met up for the first time and we had such a blast. It was so nice meeting the girls after talking to them on twitter for several months now. We first met up at Starbucks where we talked for a while and then we decided to do a little window shopping. And we ended our fun with a little visit at the Inglot store!

Here's a small impression of our fun day!
Getting my makeup done in Inglot. I kept laughing cause he told me I was not allowed to look into the mirror until he's completely done with my makeup.
Fun group of bloggers. Still missing a few, but from left to right:
Young CuraGlam | Everything Glamz! | Shades of Sexy Little Things | Purfict Shade of Brown | GlamorousGia | Confessions of this Shopaholic
A little outfit picture. Denim Jacket - New Look, Rihanna top - CoolCat, Mint Shorts/Neon Necklace - H&M,  Wedges -,  Bag - My Mommy
We had such a great time together that we made plans for another night of fun this week! 

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Off to Paradise ❤

I'm the happiest girl right now!
When you're reading this I'll be on my way home, home to paradise, home to my family!
Can't freakin wait!


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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fashionista on the Travel ❤

Very soon I will be flying back home and I still have no idea what I'm gonna wear. I had so much fun shopping for clothes for when I'm actually on vacation, but somehow the outfit in which I'm travelling has not crossed my mind until now. I don't want to have too much detail, since I'll be checking in and out a lot. My travelling time is going to be brutal, so I want to wear clothes that are as comfortable as possible. Luckily I do have a few ideas. 
With every outfit I thought of using items that I actually have hanging in my closet, or are at least similar to them. I think these outfits are both stylish and comfortable. Easy take-on/takeoff shoes, almost no jewelry and a jacket you can take on and off when it gets a little breezy in the airplane.

Now that I have a few ideas, it won't be as hard to make a decision! What outfit do you like best?

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Wishlist: LuLu's ❤

Today I'm showing you my second wishlist from a web shop named Lulu's. I just adooore their shoes (which sometimes are a little too expensive for me :(! And of course, their other items as well. Take a look. 

Online shop: LuLu's
From: USA
Affordable?: +-
Worldwide Shipping: Accepts orders from few international countries
My Total Amount: $470,00    €374,78 (excl. intl shipping) 

Cutting In Strapless Neon Pink Dress - Obey Waves Grey Striped Dress - Your True Collars Shine Beaded Cream Top - Lace to the Finish Coral Lace Romper
Privileged Karvis Black Studded Heelless Platforms - Soda Sotto Burnt Orange Braided T-Strap Wedges - Qupid Parallel 09 Neon Yellow Platform Pumps
Too Hot to Handle Pevi Winkle Blue Top - California Girls Acid Dye Purple Denim Shorts - Claire Fong Parton Silver and Pink Fringe Earrings
 What are you thoughts about my chosen items?

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Forget Your Boyfriend ❤

Yes ladies (and gentlemen?), I have done it again: I bought new shoes...again! From And on sale....again! I just can't seem to stop! Hopefully they'll get here just in time for me to place them in my suitcase! If they don't, best believe I'm gonna cry.
Forget Your Boyfriend "Taupe"
Spikes, Rhinestones, Faux Suede.

Size: 36
Heel: 14 cm
Platform: 3 cm

Always wanted a nude platform shoe, now I got one that's totally bad-ass looking :D

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