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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My H&M Haul ❤

I loved H&M even before I moved to Holland. Everytime I go shopping, I never skip H&M. I just love it, so I can never leave the store empty-handed.
Today I just wanted to do a haul post, seeing that there are a lot of H&M stuff I bought recently!

This beautiful yellow clutch.

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These two tops, one in black and one in pink. They are so comfy and you can wear with basically anything.

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And this striped mini skirt.

Last Monday I went to Antwerpen with my family, and it was so much fun! I have never been there before and it was just so exciting to just go to another country by train. It was really weird being in Holland one second and Belgium the next. It was kind of funny how I ended up going to the same stores I go normally go to. We did not have that much time to really just go all out on the shopping, just because we arrived a lot later than we planned too, due the some train trouble! So I definitely need to plan another Antwerpen trip! But this are my H&M haul from that day..

This fabulous statement necklace

Finally found some black wedges (in my size!) and they were on sale!!!

Leopard shorts..

And a brown leather gilet!

I love my haul, what about you?
What have you bought at H&M recently?


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Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Wing Ring ❤

If you have been following my blog since January, you might remember the wing ring that I saw on Pretty Little Liars, that I really really liked. I had no luck what so ever finding this ring, and I was pretty bummed. Some of you might know that I have an obsession with connectors rings.
But a couple of days ago, I unexpectedly found the wing ring. Well it's not the same one, but I love it anyway. The reason I love it so much, is because it looks like a connectors ring when you're wearing it.
I purchased this ring at H&M for €4.95

What do you think about my wing ring?
Do you know another store that sells similiar wing rings? I'd love to know!


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Friday, June 24, 2011

a 10 for Inspiration #019

So finally school is over! And the summer vacation can start!
It's about one of the greatest feelings ever, isn't it?
I am not going on vacation, I decided to stay in Holland, spending most of my time hanging out with friends and work.
What are your plans?

Got any favorites? I like of all them equally.


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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gold and Purple Catrice ❤

For the ones that follow me on twitter, might have noticed a couple of tweets about me finally finding a job. I'm very excited to start working, but I most excited about the extra shopping money I'll earn.. lol
Yesterday was my "first" day at work, where we got a lot of training to really master every skill needed (I started working at this catering business, so you'll need to know how to serve multiple plates, how to pour wine etc.. very fun, but hard work!)
There is one thing I don't like about it though.. the ladies are not allowed to wear nail polish.
I mean it's understandable why not, but I still don't like that rule.

Especially now, that I'm seeing and buying all these pretty colors. Yesterday I bought two from Catrice..and they're gorgeoussssss!! I couldn't help but put them on, just to show you.
On my left hand I have the Catrice, Ultimate Nail Lacquer in the color: 460 In the Bronx.
And on my right hand I have the Catrice, Ultimate Nail Lacquer in the color: 380 Forget - Me - Not!

Personally I love the purple one better..especially in daylight, the color really pops out! They were both €2,49 at Kruidvat.

I know my pictures don't always show the colors in the right quality, but I hope you can still get a good view! Do you buy your nail polishes at Kruidvat as well? Which one did you buy recently?


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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We Poppin Champagne! ❤

It's my birthdaaaaaaay!
No it's not...
But it will be in less than 3 months and I'm so so so so excited
Hahah now I know it's still a long wait, but I'm turning 21..
It's kinda a big deal to me, so I really want to make it extra special & unforgettable.

Unfortunately, I have NO idea what so ever on how to celebrate..NONE!
I do have the cake(s) in mind! :D
And the color.. GREEN! yeah right! Pink babyyyyy
I still need to find the perfect outfit, but that's something I'll worry about later on though..when there's still like a month left.

So as you can see I still have a lot to plan..but I am so excited I get to scrape one thing of my list! Champagne glasses!!! Can you guess in which color? :DOMG.. the excitement I got when seeing these.. waaaaaauw!
They're plastic and they come in packages of 4..
I think I must have grabbed 6 packages of these!!! Better safe than sorry, right?
I would have been really devastated if I found out I needed a few more, but they were sold out! So now I really have to come up with an invitation list, to see if it's enough or if I need to run back soon.

And I almost forgot to mention from were they are.. hahah too much excitement I guess. I got these at HEMA (Dutch store) for €2,95 a package.

Gotta start brainstorming about party/ celebration ideas..
If you have any suggestion, any suggestion at all.. PLEAAAAASE don't be shy!

Have a nice week!


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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sea + Sun = Summer ❤

Summertime is literally and FINALLY around the corner! To be ready for some fun in the sun at the beach I created these two polyvore sets just for you!
Beach is the one place a lot of people spend their summertimes at, probably you too! And of course you want to look fabulous in case you spot any goodlooking shirtless guys soaking up some sun..

When creating this first set, all that was in my mind was.. mix mix mix!
When I was younger I never really understood why they would sell bikini tops and bottoms separately.. but now I know it's the best way.
You can create so many different swimwear looks, it's unbelievable..

Take a look!
And I hope you like the looks that I put together myself :)
All the pieces I used were separate pieces.
sea + sun = summertime

And of course you can't just show up only in your fashionable swimwear!
I mean, you could.. but why would you?
Here are my beach essentials, which I'm sure are yours too!

Sun lotion, sun cream, sun block..whatever you need to protect your skin from the heavy sun rays.. Depending on where you live and how hot the sun is, use the one with the right spf. Even if you'll only stay for an hour, use it anyway! The sunrays are more powerfull than you think.
Sunglasses. Doesn't only protect the eyes, but look stylish as well. Make sure the sunglasses really suite your face! The fun thing about sunglasses are, that they have them in every shape and every color.. so there is something to have fun with!
Water. Of course you want to enjoy the sun, laying in the sand or in a beach chair sipping on some cocktails. You can! But be sure to drink some water as well.. I always bring some coke when I go to the beach, but nothing beats a bottle of ice cold water.
Sandals for fashion. Flipflops for comfortable. It speaks for its self.
Magazines. Books. Whatever you prefer!
Ipod for some good music. And a camera to capture some new memories.
Towel. But of course!
Hat. It looks cute, especially with a bow like this one and it's protection for your hair.
Makeup! Yess, I still bring it.. You gotta look cute every where you go.. compact powder (it's easier than loose powder, I think), lipgloss and some hair scrunchies.
A cute summer dress. I always go to the beach with some shorts, but after I took a swim I always wear a comfy but still cute dress, or a coverup.
And last but not least, a cute Beach bag. To put everything in it!

What are your beach essentials?
And where do you buy your swimwear?


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Saturday, June 18, 2011

a 10 for Inspiration #018

I'm officially confused! Summer is on its way and it's suppose to look like it outside! Instead it's grey and veeeeeeery windy! If I hadn't grabbed something to hold on too, I swear I would have flown away! o.O
So I need Dutch weather to change its way URGENT! :)

Ready for inspiration? jsyk: I was a little too busy yesterday, so I forgot to post..haha!

Hope you love them! The first picture is my favorite!
Have a nice weekend..
And oh, remember to pamper your dad tomorrow! <3


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