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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gold and Purple Catrice ❤

For the ones that follow me on twitter, might have noticed a couple of tweets about me finally finding a job. I'm very excited to start working, but I most excited about the extra shopping money I'll earn.. lol
Yesterday was my "first" day at work, where we got a lot of training to really master every skill needed (I started working at this catering business, so you'll need to know how to serve multiple plates, how to pour wine etc.. very fun, but hard work!)
There is one thing I don't like about it though.. the ladies are not allowed to wear nail polish.
I mean it's understandable why not, but I still don't like that rule.

Especially now, that I'm seeing and buying all these pretty colors. Yesterday I bought two from Catrice..and they're gorgeoussssss!! I couldn't help but put them on, just to show you.
On my left hand I have the Catrice, Ultimate Nail Lacquer in the color: 460 In the Bronx.
And on my right hand I have the Catrice, Ultimate Nail Lacquer in the color: 380 Forget - Me - Not!

Personally I love the purple one better..especially in daylight, the color really pops out! They were both €2,49 at Kruidvat.

I know my pictures don't always show the colors in the right quality, but I hope you can still get a good view! Do you buy your nail polishes at Kruidvat as well? Which one did you buy recently?


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  1. Like them both! Especially the purple one.. Makes want 2 go do my nails right now..


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