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Monday, October 31, 2011

Trend: Ear Cuffs❤

They have been around for a while now, but I finally see the beauty in them.
I'm talking about the 'Ear Cuffs'. One of the biggest trends these days!

I love them, especially because you don't need to pierce your ears to rock them!
I'm not really fond of needles (and yet I want to pierce my navel :P) 
But I will most definitely be splurging some ear cuffs very soon! The only thing is, I haven't really seen them in stores (Holland) yet.. But I have read online that a few girls bought theirs at and

I love how there are so many different types of ear cuffs.
Long ones, shorts ones, with feathers, with crosses, with beads, attached to hair....and so much more!

Look at some with colorful feathers I found at Froufrou's webshop! Sooo cute

What do you think of this trend? Do you know of any other (Dutch) stores/ webshops that sell ear cuffs? Place them all in the comments!

Have a blessed week,

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spam le Blog❤

I love bloglovin'. But recently I got the feeling that I go through all of my new bloglovin' posts way too quickly. I always thought I was following a lot of blogs, but I guess that's not really the case. That's why I would love to find new blogs that really speak to me. A lot of time a blogger doesn't really want the readers to spam their blog under every post they comment. Therefor they make a special blogpost (like this) where all the spamming is allowed! 

In the comment box, I want you to not only add your
blog url, but also tell me a little about what your blog is really about. And not to forget, your bloglovin' url!! And I'll promise I'll check every single blog! Even if you think I'm already following you, comment anyways. Someone else might discover your blog and like it!

If you're not following me on bloglovin' yet, but want to: here is my link.
Confessions of this Shopaholic



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Monday, October 24, 2011

Sustilo: Affordable Fashion ❤

What girl doesn't like affordable fashion? I know I do...

Sustilo is a Dutch fashion website that sells very cute and stylish clothing for unbelievably low prices. Whenever I visit this website, I have the urge to go insane and completely fill up my virtual shopping cart. But luckily I always find a way to contain myself. The exciting part about Sustilo is that, every 24 hours there are a different 'must-have' items for insane prices! But you have to be fast, because most of the time the 'must-haves' are limited!!

Sustilo's styling team come from all around the world, and so are all the clothing, shoes and accessories. Talking about shopping abroad, made easy huh? Lol.

Check a few of my new favorite items,

MIXED DRESS JK2706                                             TIGER HART SWEATER

   BLACK & PINK HIGH SCHOOL                             VINTAGE LOOK SKIRT R2594


Besides these six fashionable items, there are so much other cute stuff on Sustilo!
So be sure to check out the site, register for their newsletter and follow them on twitter.


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Saturday, October 22, 2011

1 Year Blog Anniversary ❤

So even though I haven't been blogging that much these past two months, blogging has still become a big part of my life. I want to accomplish a lot more with it, and maybe even try to make it a job. But for right now, I am glad that I can still do whatever I want with it, without having obligations to anything.

Today was exactly one year ago when I started this blog, and looking back I've realized that I have improved a lot! In the beginning my writing was a little bit amateur. But slowly I have improved my writing skills.

On this exact moment I have 237 posts, I never knew I could write that much in just a year! 164 followers, more than I could ever imagine getting when starting this blog.
Also the number of views is quite impressive, if I may say so myself: 16,894.
And ofcourse the 684 of comments you left on my blog has put a smile on my face!

Hopefully by this time next year, the numbers have increased impressively! I will do my best to keep this blog up and running smoothly again!

But for now, I want to thank each and every single one of you, whether you're a follower or just a reader.


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Friday, October 21, 2011

a 10 for Inspiration #026

This week has gone by so fast! Or maybe it just looked that way because my school had their autumn break this week. In a couple of days we can already say hello to the 11th month of 2011!

For the ones with plans this weekend, I hope your outfit can be inspired by these pictures.

Happy Weekend!


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Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's Your Way to Hairless Legs? ❤

Looking at the date of my previous post, I feel so ashamed. I used to have inspiration all the time, but lately that's what I'm lacking the most. How do you fellow bloggers deal with situations like this? Because I don't want to abandon my blog any longer.

For a lot of my readers including me, the colder seasons have arrived. From magazines, I know that this is a time where a lot of girls don't bother to shave their legs (or other body parts), because they will be wearing thick clothing anyways.
Me on the other hand, still shave on a regular basis. For me it's just a routine, I can't just not shave my legs or anywhere else.
But the thing is, I'm so done shaving. As much as I love having smooth legs and hairless armpits, shaving every other day is getting a little bit tiring. To try something new, I bought two hair remover mousses. One from Kruidvat and the other from Etos.
Both were budget products.

Now I'm thinking maybe I should have gone with two more expensive brands, because they did not work for me at all. It was just a mess, and the next day hair already started growing back. I also thought of waxing, but I would prefer going to a professional waxer. But pain and me don't go so well....

I want to know from you, what way you prefer?
For me I would say, when I'm in a hurry I would prefer shaving, cause it's so much quicker.
For my legs I would want to start using a better hair removal mousse, let me know which brands you recommend. Or don't recommend.
And for the bikini line I would go to a professional waxer, eventhough I'm dreading it.

How about you?


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Friday, October 7, 2011

Knock-Off Love ❤

 How I love the 'Haagse Markt'....Stalls and stalls of clothes, shoes and bags for knock-off prices. I don't go that often (my wallet needs a break from time to time, lol) but when I do, I always manage to find cute stuff!

Check out what I bought today:
I don't have that much orange in my closet, but the moment I saw this bag it immediately caught my eye, so I knew I had to go home with it.. My friend bought the exact same one in a different color, so swapping from time to time is definitely an option!!

 This bag was just staring at me from a far, calling my name to come over! So I did.. I thought it was a very cute bag, but the price really won me over. This was jus7! Now tell me you didn't think this was a great offer...

Just recently I decided that I wanted a huge collection of blackberry cases, so I started with these two. Everybody knows leopard and rhinestones are two of my favorite things! And for the pink f*ck off! one, I just thought it was super funny. Ps. my bb will be wearing the pink on from now on. So people better not try to piss me off, lol.

It was such a fun afternoon with two of my girls, and the wallet was also smiling (in total I spent only 32) so I would say, it was a pretty great day!

Enjoy your weekend, girlies.


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