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Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's Your Way to Hairless Legs? ❤

Looking at the date of my previous post, I feel so ashamed. I used to have inspiration all the time, but lately that's what I'm lacking the most. How do you fellow bloggers deal with situations like this? Because I don't want to abandon my blog any longer.

For a lot of my readers including me, the colder seasons have arrived. From magazines, I know that this is a time where a lot of girls don't bother to shave their legs (or other body parts), because they will be wearing thick clothing anyways.
Me on the other hand, still shave on a regular basis. For me it's just a routine, I can't just not shave my legs or anywhere else.
But the thing is, I'm so done shaving. As much as I love having smooth legs and hairless armpits, shaving every other day is getting a little bit tiring. To try something new, I bought two hair remover mousses. One from Kruidvat and the other from Etos.
Both were budget products.

Now I'm thinking maybe I should have gone with two more expensive brands, because they did not work for me at all. It was just a mess, and the next day hair already started growing back. I also thought of waxing, but I would prefer going to a professional waxer. But pain and me don't go so well....

I want to know from you, what way you prefer?
For me I would say, when I'm in a hurry I would prefer shaving, cause it's so much quicker.
For my legs I would want to start using a better hair removal mousse, let me know which brands you recommend. Or don't recommend.
And for the bikini line I would go to a professional waxer, eventhough I'm dreading it.

How about you?


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