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Friday, October 7, 2011

Knock-Off Love ❤

 How I love the 'Haagse Markt'....Stalls and stalls of clothes, shoes and bags for knock-off prices. I don't go that often (my wallet needs a break from time to time, lol) but when I do, I always manage to find cute stuff!

Check out what I bought today:
I don't have that much orange in my closet, but the moment I saw this bag it immediately caught my eye, so I knew I had to go home with it.. My friend bought the exact same one in a different color, so swapping from time to time is definitely an option!!

 This bag was just staring at me from a far, calling my name to come over! So I did.. I thought it was a very cute bag, but the price really won me over. This was jus7! Now tell me you didn't think this was a great offer...

Just recently I decided that I wanted a huge collection of blackberry cases, so I started with these two. Everybody knows leopard and rhinestones are two of my favorite things! And for the pink f*ck off! one, I just thought it was super funny. Ps. my bb will be wearing the pink on from now on. So people better not try to piss me off, lol.

It was such a fun afternoon with two of my girls, and the wallet was also smiling (in total I spent only 32) so I would say, it was a pretty great day!

Enjoy your weekend, girlies.


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  1. Great buys :)


  2. haha funny phone case! Loving the orange color of the bag
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  3. wow great pics I love the orange satchel bag very cute and perfect for fall.
    great post hun


  4. i loveeeee the pink one!

    so cute! lol

    cute bags too

    <3 Vega


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