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Friday, May 31, 2013

New In: Shoes ❤

It's been a while since I last ordered shoes from, so I decided it was time to do so again. I immediately went kind of overboard by ordering FOUR(!!) shoes. But the great thing is, that I saved soooo much money, cause all of the shoes were on sale!
These bronze heeled sandals are called NLY SHOES / LAUREN. The original price was 47.95 but I got it for 18.95!

These black pumps have such weird heels, but I just liked them for some reason. They are called NLY SHOES / BIEL were 64.95, but I paid only 9.95!!
These pink heels are aaaaaamazing! At first I actually wanted them in green, but they didn't have my size anymore. So the pink one it was! They are called NLY SHOES / DRAMA QUEEN, normally they cost 64.95. But Nelly had a special pastel sale, so I got them for 38.95.
And last but not least. I got these neon yellow sneakers called NLY SHOES / SNEAKY GIRL for just 9.95. They normally cost 79.95!!!
So these were my 4 latest Nelly shoes! In total I paid about 77.80, when the actual total price was 257.80!!!! Saving this much money makes me tingle inside hahaha!

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

New In: Shopping Day Out ❤

I met up with my cousin today to do some shopping and bought myself a few nice stuff! :D
This denim-ish skirt is from New Yorker and it was on sale for just 4.95. These blue sneaker shoes are my favorite bought item of the day, since they're so cool and cost JUST TEN EUROS! I couldn't believe it either and thought it was a joke, but this store in the Hague called 'THE HOUSE OF FASHION' proved me wrong. They are so comfortable, btw.
This yellow crochet top is so summer! And so is this sleeveless front knot top. Both are from H&M.
I bought this H&M dress for my cousin's Holy Communion ceremony next week, but still have to figure out the entire outfit. Now I wish I bought a nude blazer.
 Another H&M dress. I bought this, because it looked supercute and it has a nice cut off in the back. I really hope the Dutch weather gives me more than enough chances to wear it this summer. 

I love unexpected shopping trips!

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Monday, May 20, 2013


YES, I'm finally on instagram! Oh happy daaaay! :D Follow me at @PrncszTffny  if ya wanna see pictures about my daily life, my fashion likes and everything you might not see appear on my blog!
My super girly homescreen that I love sooo much!
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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Trend: Liquid Heels Shoe Stickers ❤

I'm actually really excited to tell you guys about something I think is a definite MUST-have of this season! Picture this: you have a loooot of different shoes, but you still feel like you want those unique killer heels. Liquid Heels has the solution: shoe stickers!! These stickers come in all sorts of patterns and colors and can easily be secured on all pump heels. In an instant your (dull, old) shoes get pimped into a real fashion statement!

Liquid Heels really has so many patterns to choose from, I couldn't possibly show you all of them. So I picked out my favorites. I can't tell you which of these five patterns are my top favorite, cause I really like them all. For about 12,95 you can get yourself a pair of shoe stickers. You can also choose to pay an amount of 125 and get a free pair of stickers every month for one whole year. 12 pairs of pimped shoes, how good does that sound? Lol. 
Let me know what you think of this hot new trend! And tell me which one of the stickers above you like the most, because I want to transform one of my heels so bad!

Edit: To celebrate their launch, Liquid Heels is now offering 10% discount on your shoe stickers. You can either use the code 'FEEST' on their own website or I'm definitely taking advantage of this offer, since free shipping was included already! Offer stands till 30th of June!

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

WEBSHOP: Curioso Fashion ❤

There's a new online shop in townnnn! Last month the owner of Curioso Fashion approached me by mail saying that she's starting her own online shop and she wondered if I wanted to check it out. Ofcourse I wanted too. Curioso Fashion is a Dutch online shop that sells basically everything fashion: tops, blazers, dresses, coats, shoes, accessories, jewelry and such. What I like about Curioso Fashion is that they have some items I haven't seen anywhere before. There are so many cute items, but I wanted to show you my favorites. Gotta make up my mind on which item(s) I'm getting first. On second thought, I think I know. The 'Sneakers BRIGHT COLORS' was one of the first items I saw and immediately I liked them. I basically want them in every color, they're so cool. 
Pumps Open AMIMAL  -  Short PRINTED  -  Pumps CLOSED
Coat ZIPPER  -  Blazer CLASSY
Jurk WARE  -  Jumpsuit CLASSY

There is not a lot of general information on Curioso Fashion. The online shop is still pretty new, so maybe it'll all be added soon. But one thing I can tell you is, that the prices are very affordable! And the shipping costs are just 3 for an entire order! Such a big plus. I'm also friends with Curioso Fashion on facebook. I would suggest you do the same, because the owner Marrit always posts pictures to ask if she should add certain items to the shop! :D 

I would really like to know what your thoughts are about Curioso Fashion (mainly to give constructive criticism to the owner). I personally like it and I'll be checking out something very soon! 

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Update: Grand Marché's Facebook Page ❤

So it's almost been a month since I first started my internship and I'm still enjoying it very much. Recently I have been given the task to manage Grand Marché's social media. So I'm really making an effort to make their social media pages as fun and active as possible. There is still a lot of work to be done, before I'll finally be satisfied. But I just wanted to show you a little of what I've been doing for Grand Marché's facebook page. 
Every morning since last week, I have been given the chance to photograph whatever I feel like to upload on our facebook page. The owner has given me complete authorization of the social media, so that I can get really creative and do my own thing! I love that she has given me this awesome chance. Every week I have to measure the growth of all our social channels. So if you want to help, or if you're just interested in seeing what I'll post next or what more Grand Marché has to offer, please like our facebook page! :) Links of our twitter and instagram will follow soon!

I'm also in the process of organizing a fashion event for Grand Marché, so stay tuned for that as well!

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Beautiful Textures: A Hair Miracle? ❤

So last week my aunt was telling me about this hair productline she totally fell in love with: Beautiful Textures. And since she was sure it would repair my damaged hair, I let her talk me into trying them out. I haven't been taking much care of my hair lately, so I'm eager to start and see the change! Ever since I moved to Holland I have been using hair products from Andrelon. My aunt pointed out that those products are not suitable for my hair type at all. So basically I've been using the wrong stuff for about 3
I recently bought the Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming Moisturizing Shampoo, Tangle Taming Leave-in Conditioning and Shine & Silken Growth Oil. These products are suitable for mixed textures (Curly, Wavy, Kinky-Coily, Frizzy). And they smell awesomeeee!!! All products were between 5 and 7.
In addition to the Beautiful Textures products, I also bought the Sofn'free n' Pretty Thick & Healthy Olive Oil Cream and Darkline Pure Shea Butter. The shea butter actually smells pretty awful at first, but you'll quickly get used to the smell. You can use it for both your hair and skin. 

I am going to start using these products asap! Do you want me to keep a hair dairy on my blog? Let me know :) Oh and you can buy these products at both:  A&F Cosmetics and Nubian Queen  (Hobbemaplein, Den Haag).

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

WEBSHOP: Jazzy Belle's Shop ❤

I love when bloggers wanna do more than just blog. I love when they create opportunities to become a succesful business person. That's what I want for my future too. Jazzmin Nilsson from Jazzy Belle's Life is one of many that are making it happen. Jazzy Belle is a fashion blogger, one who's blog I have been following for a while now. I love her edgy tough-girl style. And when she announced on her blog last month that she was starting her own little webshop, I was more than curious to see what she would come up with. 
Before Jazzy Belle's Shop was online, I took a look into her virtual lookbook on her blog. Immediately I saw items that I wanted. In the collage above I'm showing you my favorite picks. The brown and black Vintage sunnies are 12.95 each. The yellow Skeleton Hand Bag (also available in black) is 19.95. The black, gold and silver Skull Dust Plug are 3.95 each. And the silver Spike Necklace (also available in gold) is 8.95.
all three pictures from LOOKBOOK Jazzy Belles Shop on facebook
The shop is getting stocked regularly, so there are always new items to look forward too. Right now you can only order items on facebook and instagram, but soon Jazzy Belles will have her official online shop. The ordering process is very simple, when interested just send an email to with the ordernr. (included in the picture of every item). And they'll get back to you asap with more info about payment and delivery. 
Jazzmin constantly asks her fans on facebook, twitter and instagram what Jazzy Belle's Shop lovers would like to see in the shop! So if you've been wanting an statement item for a while now, let Jazzmin know... and who knows, maybe you'll see the item appear in her shop soon!

I sure love her items! Check out Jazzy Belle's Shop to see if you do too :) And don't forget to follow on instagram and twitter as well.

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