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Friday, May 31, 2013

New In: Shoes ❤

It's been a while since I last ordered shoes from, so I decided it was time to do so again. I immediately went kind of overboard by ordering FOUR(!!) shoes. But the great thing is, that I saved soooo much money, cause all of the shoes were on sale!
These bronze heeled sandals are called NLY SHOES / LAUREN. The original price was 47.95 but I got it for 18.95!

These black pumps have such weird heels, but I just liked them for some reason. They are called NLY SHOES / BIEL were 64.95, but I paid only 9.95!!
These pink heels are aaaaaamazing! At first I actually wanted them in green, but they didn't have my size anymore. So the pink one it was! They are called NLY SHOES / DRAMA QUEEN, normally they cost 64.95. But Nelly had a special pastel sale, so I got them for 38.95.
And last but not least. I got these neon yellow sneakers called NLY SHOES / SNEAKY GIRL for just 9.95. They normally cost 79.95!!!
So these were my 4 latest Nelly shoes! In total I paid about 77.80, when the actual total price was 257.80!!!! Saving this much money makes me tingle inside hahaha!

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  1. SHOEEESSS <3 __ <3 !
    I love the bronze and black heels! like zomfg a lot!! peep toe isn't my thing but they are really pretty too!!

  2. Love the pink one!! & you definitely scored amazing deals!!

  3. Amazing deals girl! The sneakers are my favorite they are to kill for *heart eyes*

  4. OHHH EEEMMM GGEEEE!!! I was looking at Nelly Shoes online trying to see where I could buy them ( doesn't ship to the USA) and I came across this post. I love all of these shoes. It makes me sooo jealous that you get to shop there. =[ But you definitely scored big with these.


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