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Saturday, May 25, 2013

New In: Shopping Day Out ❤

I met up with my cousin today to do some shopping and bought myself a few nice stuff! :D
This denim-ish skirt is from New Yorker and it was on sale for just 4.95. These blue sneaker shoes are my favorite bought item of the day, since they're so cool and cost JUST TEN EUROS! I couldn't believe it either and thought it was a joke, but this store in the Hague called 'THE HOUSE OF FASHION' proved me wrong. They are so comfortable, btw.
This yellow crochet top is so summer! And so is this sleeveless front knot top. Both are from H&M.
I bought this H&M dress for my cousin's Holy Communion ceremony next week, but still have to figure out the entire outfit. Now I wish I bought a nude blazer.
 Another H&M dress. I bought this, because it looked supercute and it has a nice cut off in the back. I really hope the Dutch weather gives me more than enough chances to wear it this summer. 

I love unexpected shopping trips!

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