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Saturday, January 29, 2011

♥Maybelline Calendar.

Maybelline New York has released their 2011 Calendar. And it is A-MA-ZINGG! It was a Limited Edition, so the ones that received one: Consider yourself lucky! I really wished I got one. The calendar is HUGE. And I'm not kidding. The whole is actually a puzzle but every month has an inside and outside picture.
Time to be amazed is now :

HUGE right?

Now look at the beautiful fashion-able and colorful pictures of every month :D













sources: Sassisam Blog

With a calendar this awesome, I'd try to make my year this colorful everyday!
Do you love it or do you love it?

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Friday, January 28, 2011

my Dilemma♥

NO, it's not an actual dilemma! Thank God..
But I am a bit confused about's the thing..

I went to a store yesterday (I'm so not gonna say which one :P)
I saw this BEEEEAUTIFULLLL big mirror (a fancy white one and a pink/purple-ish one) which was €70 first. It had 50% off so now it's €35. I got so excited because of the discount, kept wondering how the hell I would bring that to my house. Cause I sure as hell can't carry it..
When I kept walking, I spotted these mannequins! I always wanted MANNEQUINS in my room!!!!! They were also €35!!! Because I got so caught up I decided to leave the store empty-handed.

I want them bothhhhh for in my little cute house :( But spending €70 on both, is a little too much I think.
Which one do you suggest I buy? HELP!

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Perfect Fit♥

The one thing I really love about shopping online, is the anxiety I have waiting for it to arrive in my mail box. Like these couple of days..
Remember my fashionfinds post about the black heels?
GOT THEM! And they look aaahmazing :D they kinda walk amazing too.
double cheer.

Like it? Or was it better to leave for others to find?

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

t-o-o.c-o-o-l ♥

Hahah I couldn't think of any other title than that.. I mean I could, but I didn't want too..

Anyway, on to the post..
Know anywhere you can find shoe bathtubs, rings with your dreamhouse on it or gum hairclips? I surely do :) I found through: Coco&Cashmere.
On this site, you can find the coolest most creative things EVER! and I am not exaggerating!! To proof myself, I posted some pictures..

♥Cool Snake Earring
♥Dream House Rings
♥Cloth Hanger (so cute)
♥Shoe Bathtub ( i want this in my bathroom!!!!)
♥Hug Me Pillow (All my single ladies, All my single ladies♪)
♥Lumigram Lumitop Bra
♥Chewy Beauty (it looks sooo real right?)
♥Love Ring

Uhhhmm..this is a just like 1/1000 :P of the cool/cute things they have! Go check it out yoh! You'll love♥ it :D

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let's play Scrabble!

I love how fashion allows you the come up with the craziest things and still be very trendy! I was blown away by this ring I saw on a blog called: Fashion Must Go On.
I immediately opened a new tab, went to Google and literally typed "scrabble letter ring". Now I know they actually call it the Scrabble Tile Ring.
I got this site where they have all sorts of jewelry with the scrabble letters.

I 'googled' a picture for you to have an idea of how the ring looks. And ofcourse I had to search for the letter T hehe :P

The site given above also has these other crazy jewelry, like lego rings, sushi plate ring, cadbury chocolate bracelet etc. It's all vintage. And you can DIY! So no need to get mad if your little sibling/cousin or whoever lost some letters and made the game incomplete by's just means you have a whole set of statement jewelry to work on!

I'm not gonna post the picture of the girl's blog.. But really, GO CHECK IT OUT!! And see how cool it lookss... I want!!!

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Hello lovelies,

My question for today is:
I know you're a shopaholic! But what do you buy the most?

Doesn't matter if you have more than 1 answer! Write all :)

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Wear it like Rihanna♥

Rihanna is known for having the hottest songs and trendy fashion sense. I do not always agree with what she wears or her hairstyle, like that BRIGHT red look she has now. But I do love her for being her own person and expressing her style without caring what anybody thinks of her. Just "loving" some things on fashiolista I saw these really trendy pink sunglasses.
It turns out they were lace covered aviator sunglasses from Bleu Dame inspired by Miss RiRi.

They were also available in these two colors:

These are inspired by LiLo (left) and Lady Gaga (right):

I love the Rihanna ones! Maybe I'll order some? But big sunglasses almost never look good on me, so I think ordering some would be a bad idea. I definitely need one that is custom made :P

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