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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let's play Scrabble!

I love how fashion allows you the come up with the craziest things and still be very trendy! I was blown away by this ring I saw on a blog called: Fashion Must Go On.
I immediately opened a new tab, went to Google and literally typed "scrabble letter ring". Now I know they actually call it the Scrabble Tile Ring.
I got this site where they have all sorts of jewelry with the scrabble letters.

I 'googled' a picture for you to have an idea of how the ring looks. And ofcourse I had to search for the letter T hehe :P

The site given above also has these other crazy jewelry, like lego rings, sushi plate ring, cadbury chocolate bracelet etc. It's all vintage. And you can DIY! So no need to get mad if your little sibling/cousin or whoever lost some letters and made the game incomplete by's just means you have a whole set of statement jewelry to work on!

I'm not gonna post the picture of the girl's blog.. But really, GO CHECK IT OUT!! And see how cool it lookss... I want!!!

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