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Thursday, January 27, 2011

t-o-o.c-o-o-l ♥

Hahah I couldn't think of any other title than that.. I mean I could, but I didn't want too..

Anyway, on to the post..
Know anywhere you can find shoe bathtubs, rings with your dreamhouse on it or gum hairclips? I surely do :) I found through: Coco&Cashmere.
On this site, you can find the coolest most creative things EVER! and I am not exaggerating!! To proof myself, I posted some pictures..

♥Cool Snake Earring
♥Dream House Rings
♥Cloth Hanger (so cute)
♥Shoe Bathtub ( i want this in my bathroom!!!!)
♥Hug Me Pillow (All my single ladies, All my single ladies♪)
♥Lumigram Lumitop Bra
♥Chewy Beauty (it looks sooo real right?)
♥Love Ring

Uhhhmm..this is a just like 1/1000 :P of the cool/cute things they have! Go check it out yoh! You'll love♥ it :D

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