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Friday, January 28, 2011

Perfect Fit♥

The one thing I really love about shopping online, is the anxiety I have waiting for it to arrive in my mail box. Like these couple of days..
Remember my fashionfinds post about the black heels?
GOT THEM! And they look aaahmazing :D they kinda walk amazing too.
double cheer.

Like it? Or was it better to leave for others to find?

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  1. I love shoes:) I like very much this one:)

  2. Pff Gurl! Never leave heels for others to find! They should have been there to get 'm! Hihi
    They loook so cute & gorgeous.. Do they walk amazing 'cause of the platform?! 'Cause I have to that with my heels.. Btw all of 'm are platforms ( not the crazy sky high ones though! ) And they walk amazing.. Cloudly like! :)

    Where did you get those!? I know I've seen 'm before.. But where!?..


  3. @Anies thank you very much

    @Tasha Haha you're right, thank God i bought them then. They do walk amazing because of the platform heels. Platform and wedged heels are my new loves. This black pair i got from a Dutch vintage store:

  4. Tiffy they look gorgeously awesome!!!! Love them!


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