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Friday, January 28, 2011

my Dilemma♥

NO, it's not an actual dilemma! Thank God..
But I am a bit confused about's the thing..

I went to a store yesterday (I'm so not gonna say which one :P)
I saw this BEEEEAUTIFULLLL big mirror (a fancy white one and a pink/purple-ish one) which was €70 first. It had 50% off so now it's €35. I got so excited because of the discount, kept wondering how the hell I would bring that to my house. Cause I sure as hell can't carry it..
When I kept walking, I spotted these mannequins! I always wanted MANNEQUINS in my room!!!!! They were also €35!!! Because I got so caught up I decided to leave the store empty-handed.

I want them bothhhhh for in my little cute house :( But spending €70 on both, is a little too much I think.
Which one do you suggest I buy? HELP!

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  1. OOo very cute! Idk what to recommend. Do you already have a mirror? Then go for the mannequin if you are that in love with it. But the mirror is on sale, so if u ever want the best time to buy it is now right?

    I know this kind of dilemma, but make sure you really need something before you buy. Like for me I would buy the mannequin, because I like to sow and make my own pieces, so I fitting manequin would be perfect hahahah (or just for decoration and put my accessories on it.

    Hope this helps you ;) x

  2. Hello, A mannequin is very cute to put in your room! You can use it for accesories and clothing! Or save a lil more to buy both, cuz a beautiful mirror is a must have! ♥ DIlemma indeeddd!!

    Hmmm...Go for the mannequin, that's something unique!

    Good luck doll!

  3. Oke here's my advice.. Since they are both on Sale I would buy 'm both! This is why: Having a full lenght mirror in your room is a Must! Even I'm looking for one at the moment..(Jealous you found a store.. hihi) However seeing as the Mannequins are 35Eu.. Don't if that's for 2 mannequins or just 1.. But what you could do is buy the mirror.. Make sure you got your strong guy friends there so they can carry it for you :) & the mannequin (1) maybe you can manage on your own.

    But doll one think I know for sure.. Is when there's SALE Jump on it! Get the items you want.. Yes it may seem like a lot of money.. But when you think of it.. Having the mirror for 35Eu & the mannequin(s) for the same price it's worth it! 'Cause when the Sale is over.. & you didn't buy any of 'm or just one.. You're going to be paying double the money you would have if you got on Sale.

    So my advice in short is to go for it! But like 'GlamorousGia' said.. You have to prioritize.. Which is more important at the moment?! Still go for it though! Even if you buy just the mirror or the mannequin!

    Let me know what you decided!! Hope I helped! :)

    Xo -Tasha

  4. THE MANNEQUIN!!! THey are so hard to find and at a good price.
    Mirrors can be found anytime, maybe not the same color or design but not impossible.

    I found too mannequins and they are so usefull to style personal outfits or for others.


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