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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wear it like Rihanna♥

Rihanna is known for having the hottest songs and trendy fashion sense. I do not always agree with what she wears or her hairstyle, like that BRIGHT red look she has now. But I do love her for being her own person and expressing her style without caring what anybody thinks of her. Just "loving" some things on fashiolista I saw these really trendy pink sunglasses.
It turns out they were lace covered aviator sunglasses from Bleu Dame inspired by Miss RiRi.

They were also available in these two colors:

These are inspired by LiLo (left) and Lady Gaga (right):

I love the Rihanna ones! Maybe I'll order some? But big sunglasses almost never look good on me, so I think ordering some would be a bad idea. I definitely need one that is custom made :P

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  1. Gosh! She's so cool, love her cause she's not afraid to be out of the box! Those lace glasses are awesome, thinking about DIYing them!

  2. Their nice and very cool.

    @CessOviedo DIYing sounds like a good idea! ;)


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