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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Trend: Liquid Heels Shoe Stickers ❤

I'm actually really excited to tell you guys about something I think is a definite MUST-have of this season! Picture this: you have a loooot of different shoes, but you still feel like you want those unique killer heels. Liquid Heels has the solution: shoe stickers!! These stickers come in all sorts of patterns and colors and can easily be secured on all pump heels. In an instant your (dull, old) shoes get pimped into a real fashion statement!

Liquid Heels really has so many patterns to choose from, I couldn't possibly show you all of them. So I picked out my favorites. I can't tell you which of these five patterns are my top favorite, cause I really like them all. For about 12,95 you can get yourself a pair of shoe stickers. You can also choose to pay an amount of 125 and get a free pair of stickers every month for one whole year. 12 pairs of pimped shoes, how good does that sound? Lol. 
Let me know what you think of this hot new trend! And tell me which one of the stickers above you like the most, because I want to transform one of my heels so bad!

Edit: To celebrate their launch, Liquid Heels is now offering 10% discount on your shoe stickers. You can either use the code 'FEEST' on their own website or I'm definitely taking advantage of this offer, since free shipping was included already! Offer stands till 30th of June!

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