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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spam le Blog❤

I love bloglovin'. But recently I got the feeling that I go through all of my new bloglovin' posts way too quickly. I always thought I was following a lot of blogs, but I guess that's not really the case. That's why I would love to find new blogs that really speak to me. A lot of time a blogger doesn't really want the readers to spam their blog under every post they comment. Therefor they make a special blogpost (like this) where all the spamming is allowed! 

In the comment box, I want you to not only add your
blog url, but also tell me a little about what your blog is really about. And not to forget, your bloglovin' url!! And I'll promise I'll check every single blog! Even if you think I'm already following you, comment anyways. Someone else might discover your blog and like it!

If you're not following me on bloglovin' yet, but want to: here is my link.
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  1. Hahaha, this is such a cool and sweet post: Great idea! It's true that it can be difficult to follow a lot of different blogs. My blog is not your average beauty blog: I share DIY beauty recipes, as a Beauty Consultant, I advise on expert skin care and hair care regimens, I give product reviews, share the latest beauty events and giveaways happening around the country, and give some lifestyle tips to improve your life. I hope you will enjoy my blog! :)

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