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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sea + Sun = Summer ❤

Summertime is literally and FINALLY around the corner! To be ready for some fun in the sun at the beach I created these two polyvore sets just for you!
Beach is the one place a lot of people spend their summertimes at, probably you too! And of course you want to look fabulous in case you spot any goodlooking shirtless guys soaking up some sun..

When creating this first set, all that was in my mind was.. mix mix mix!
When I was younger I never really understood why they would sell bikini tops and bottoms separately.. but now I know it's the best way.
You can create so many different swimwear looks, it's unbelievable..

Take a look!
And I hope you like the looks that I put together myself :)
All the pieces I used were separate pieces.
sea + sun = summertime

And of course you can't just show up only in your fashionable swimwear!
I mean, you could.. but why would you?
Here are my beach essentials, which I'm sure are yours too!

Sun lotion, sun cream, sun block..whatever you need to protect your skin from the heavy sun rays.. Depending on where you live and how hot the sun is, use the one with the right spf. Even if you'll only stay for an hour, use it anyway! The sunrays are more powerfull than you think.
Sunglasses. Doesn't only protect the eyes, but look stylish as well. Make sure the sunglasses really suite your face! The fun thing about sunglasses are, that they have them in every shape and every color.. so there is something to have fun with!
Water. Of course you want to enjoy the sun, laying in the sand or in a beach chair sipping on some cocktails. You can! But be sure to drink some water as well.. I always bring some coke when I go to the beach, but nothing beats a bottle of ice cold water.
Sandals for fashion. Flipflops for comfortable. It speaks for its self.
Magazines. Books. Whatever you prefer!
Ipod for some good music. And a camera to capture some new memories.
Towel. But of course!
Hat. It looks cute, especially with a bow like this one and it's protection for your hair.
Makeup! Yess, I still bring it.. You gotta look cute every where you go.. compact powder (it's easier than loose powder, I think), lipgloss and some hair scrunchies.
A cute summer dress. I always go to the beach with some shorts, but after I took a swim I always wear a comfy but still cute dress, or a coverup.
And last but not least, a cute Beach bag. To put everything in it!

What are your beach essentials?
And where do you buy your swimwear?


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  1. I love these sets! I never mix and match bikinis, but I definitely should start! I never thought of bringing makeup to the beach, but compact powder sounds like a good idea!
    xoxo, Veena <3

  2. Great beachbound list. I love the swimwear you put together, my pick is the red and black cute!

  3. & Summer's finally here!!! ♥


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