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Saturday, June 18, 2011

a 10 for Inspiration #018

I'm officially confused! Summer is on its way and it's suppose to look like it outside! Instead it's grey and veeeeeeery windy! If I hadn't grabbed something to hold on too, I swear I would have flown away! o.O
So I need Dutch weather to change its way URGENT! :)

Ready for inspiration? jsyk: I was a little too busy yesterday, so I forgot to post..haha!

Hope you love them! The first picture is my favorite!
Have a nice weekend..
And oh, remember to pamper your dad tomorrow! <3


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  1. love it!! first outfit: the perfect work attire and the nails are so vintage<3


  2. The first is my fave as well. Love this post. I might do the nails for a fundraiser I have next weekend?!!

  3. I love the first outfit as well. And I'm going to copy the nails for a fundraiser I'm going to next weekend--they're so pretty!! LOVELY post as always!

  4. I'm so into white pants lately, so picture #1's perfect! Loving the nail arts, especially the glowy one! And the shoes.. Oh, the shoes! Need I say more.. =P I'm just extra inspired 2day =)


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