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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Connectors Ring ♥

Rings that are NO where to be found in Holland! Or I'm blind. That might be the only valid reason for me not finding them!
But then again, when I ask around they seem to have never even heard about it!
WTF am I doing at a place where no one is familiar with connectors ring (two-finger-ring)! Damnit..

The first time I saw this type of ring was on the fingers of LC. (Lauren Conrad from the Hills). She had her name spelled on it. Soooo cool! I'm guessing the price is too cool for me haha.

I only have 1 connectors ring, which I got in Curacao. For the readers of Curacao: you might know the store. It's called Starco I think, and is located in Otrobanda. Don't mind me trying to be all gangster in this picture lol.

At the time when I didn't have mine yet, I saw some really really nice ones on the site of Forever21. But now all they have basically is this one and this one. Guess they're not really part of the big trends anymore? CRAP!

Do you like connectors rings? Or do you know by chance where I can find some really nice ones? Don't kill me with the prices though..
If you do, I might just kiss you! aaaaaah joke, but i will love you :)



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