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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beauty and the Kitchen ♥

It occurs to me that young women always spend waaay too much on beauty cosmetics. I don't blame them, I do it too. But did you know that you can get a lot of ingredients that probably work the same, right in your mom's kitchen? Or in case you're a student like me, in your own kitchen?

Try mixing olive oil with salt and see what you get. Yup, body scrub!
Put a bit of olive oil in a little bowl and add enough salt, mix it with a spoon. Make sure that the part of your body you want to scrub is wet. I did it with my hands. Pour that liquid on your body part and start scrubbing it. It feels really sticky at first. When you think you're done, wash the oil off with JUST water. Dry your body with an old kitchen towel, so you don't ruin your new ones! When I scrubbed my hands, it felt unbelievably soft! If you want, you can lubricate your hands (or your other body part) with your favorite scented lotion. Because we all know, a soft body that smell good is irresistible right?

Here's another1: If you have dark circles under your eyes, apply thin slices of raw potatoes on your eyes for about 10-15 minutes. It should lighten the circles under your eyes, to give you a fresher look. At least that's how women in Spain do it.

Have split ends? Rub some olive oil or coconut oil onto the end of your hair. Leave the oil for about half an hour and then wash it out with a shampoo as usual. I am not sure that you'll see a difference right away, but the oil nourishes and adds moisture to your hair. Maybe you should apply this 2 times a month? (from DIY Beauty Tips | My Beauty Bunny)

I thought these were some young women/teenage girls really relate too.
But I am eager to get some new DIY's to try out!

Know any? Please don't keep it to yourself!!



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