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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Perfect Christmas Gifts for Bloggers ❤

First off, I cannot wrap my head around the fact that it's officially December. This year went by crazy fast! But now back to the actual post. I love identifying myself as a blogger and I'd like to think that as such, I'm part of a special community. That's why I came up with the idea to create a gift guide blog post especially for bloggers!

It's no secret that the difference between maintaining a good and a crappy blog is mostly the content! A great way for me to stay on track is by writing down all of my ideas and scheduling my posts over a period of time. That way I can work ahead and stay organized. And having a planner makes it that much easier. The Bloggers Planner offers a variety of customizable planners and I'm completely obsessed! All of their planners have different purposes that just make planning out your projects and upcoming posts so much more fun! Especially because you get to decide your own title cover! I'm definitely considering ordering my very own "Confessions of this Shopaholic" planner!
Perfect Christmas Gift Bloggers blogger planner
source: @blog_planner

Another great characteristic of a good blog is the quality and the creativity behind the pictures of every blog post. Asos recognized the importance as well, because these "The Selfy Store" products seem to be so ideal for bloggers and online content creators. I feel like the Selfy Sling is the most useful tool for everyday-selfies and it's so cheap! They were sold out once before, so I'd say hurry! Mine is already in the mail ;)

Blogger Bundle (now on sale!) | Selfie Sling | Swim iPhone Case (now on sale!)
Perfect Christmas Gift Bloggers the selfy store asos
source: Asos
Bloggers often make their presence known on Instagram and other social media platforms. It has actually become vital to build a loyal online following. And a photo trend that's been around for a while now and that I've been obsessed with is flatlay. I'm sure it's not an actual word (yet), but it perfectly describes the arrangement of the picture. One thing that's often displayed in flatlay pictures (especially on Instagram) are coffee mugs. And these are just going to make these flatlays stand out even more! And you know, they're practical as well ;)

Perfect Christmas Gift Bloggers coffee mugs
Perfect Christmas Gift Bloggers coffee mugs

I'm sure as a blogger, I'd appreciate all of these gifts. So definitely treat yourself or your blogger friend/sister/whoever. Of course there are tons of other gift ideas that are ideal for the blogging community, for example anything that makes for a fun photo prop, cute notebooks and stationery and so on. What was your favorite item from above?

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  1. I all these gifts <3 the planners are so cool! I'm taking a look at the website right now :)

  2. Wat leuk, vooral die mokken vind ik tof!

  3. OH MY GOD! Die DIY blogger mok moet ik echt hebben!!!

  4. Oh yes, I would love to receive like ehm, all of them!

  5. Fell in love with the Bloggers' Planner - I've just treated myself to one! #Happy2016


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