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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Big Beauty Book for the Holidays: Nails ❤

In my previous blog post I've shared ten outfit ideas for the Holidays, so it's only right I show you what I think are great beauty products as well. I'm calling it the Big Beauty Book and today I'm starting it of with some beautiful nail polishes. Because our nails are just as important as a flawlessly beat face! So go ahead and pick your favorite polish for the season! Wouldn't dare leave out some bright and sparkly polishes for all you glitter lovers out there. But was sure to include some solids in there as well. Enjoy reading! 

Glitter Nail Polish Holiday Nails
The GOLD ones: 
618 Gold - Collistar | 040 Goud Glitter - Mavala | 910 Gold Lurex - L'oréal Paris

The SILVER ones: 
912 Diamond Lurex - L'oréal Paris | 141 Magic Snow - Mavala 

The BLACK one: 
Diamond Dust - Rimmel London

Glitter Nail Polish Holiday Nails
The BRONZE ones: 
872 Jet Setter - IsaDora | 619 - Bronze - Collistar

The RED ones: 
Ruby Crush - Rimmel London | 043 Glitter Rood - Mavala | 140 Magic Circus - Mavala

The BLUE one:
342 Glitter Blue - Mavala 

Dark Nail Polish Holiday Nails
The RED one:

The PURPLE ones:

The BLUE ones:
674 Nightwatch - Sally Hansen | NLB61 OPI Ink - OPI

The GREEN one:
676 Spruce Up - Sally Hansen

Holographic Nail Polish Holiday Nails
01 Spectral Green - Douglas | 02 Spectral Violet - Douglas | 03 Spectral Pink - Douglas

Nude Nail Polish Holiday Nails
The NUDE ones:
278 Sexy Provocation - Anny | 316.50 One Size - Anny | 160 Lamé Gold - Mavala

What nail look are you going for this holiday? Let me know in the comments!

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