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Thursday, March 20, 2014

SPRING 14 is here! My Favorite Spring Trends ❤

Heey lovies! So Spring is finally hereee. I'm ready to shove my winter coats all the way in the back of my closet and not take it out for at least 8 months! Or, I'm hoping I won't have too. But with this Dutch weather, you just never know. Another thing I'm also excited for, is finally getting to wear all the awesome new Spring trends. I thought I'd be a little more creative today and show you my favorite trends spelling SPRING :) 
Spring 2014 fashion trends jelly sandals
[S] I remember wearing these jelly sandals when I was a lot younger. My parents made us wear these when we went swimming and I hated them with a passion. So funny how my feelings towards them have done a complete 180. Now I am obsessed and need them in every color! I mean how cute are these three from Boohoo? Or this mint green and neon yellow one? Aaah want want want! 
Spring 2014 fashion trends pvc skirt
[P] Another trend I've been loving for a while are the PVCs items. Something about them is just so cool to me! Even though this trend is still lacking in my wardrobe, I have a feeling these skirts are going to pop up everywhere this season. These are my faves so far, a black & nude midi, and a purple mini. 
Spring 2014 fashion trends round sunglasses
[R] I can never get enough of sunglasses! Especially round sunnies are my faves at the moment. They're just a statement piece that can make any boring outfit more fun and playful! And hide your face when you're having a bad face day lol. These are some I'd really like to add to my collection soon:  pink cateye, nude glitter, white indie and black hipster sunglasses.

Spring 2014 fashion trends tropical print
[I] Tropical prints are just so appropriate for spring and summer. They remind me of paradise, like the Island life I used to have when I was back at home in Curaçao. I'm definitely loving this tropical clutch, high-waist bikini bottom and maxi dress. And of course I can't forget about the booties that I'll get to wear reeaaal soon! 
Spring 2014 fashion trends nineties kid
[N] When I think of the Nineties, I think of very baggy denim clothing, plateau shoes, funky colorful clothing and awesome cartoon shows. I found a few cool items that fit perfectly in this Nineties Kid category. Like these blue mom jeans, or these blue denim jacket. These plateau shoes also reminded me of Spice Girl, which were such a fashion trend when I was younger! And I feel like these white chunky sandals are totally something a nineties kid would wear. 
Spring 2014 fashion trends floral print
[G] I don't care if it's spring or mid-winter, floral print is always a good idea!  I love how there are literally so many different types of flower prints. And I like all of them! I like how they are so feminine, but can still have a tougher feel to them once in a while. Like this bomber jacket for instance. Floral can also be very sexy rather than super girly, like this bandeau top with matching midi skirt.

What are your favorite Spring trends?


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  1. Ohh die sandals of jelly, ook wel waterschoenen, jaaa die had ik ook. Denk dat ik die het leukst vind :)

  2. NICE LOVE IT :)

  3. Ik vind de ronde zonnebrillen en de bloemen trend super leuk!

  4. De jellies zijn niet voor mij maar floral shorts met een leuke sunnie zeker wel!
    Love Soraya

  5. Haha! Oh I do remember the days when my mama used to buy me glittery jelly shoes. The good ol' days :) X


  6. Leuk artikel! Ik zie nu pas dat ik jou heb gezien bij NRC café leuk om je terug te kunnen vinden :)


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