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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Forever 21 in € ♥

A dream of mine kinda came true when I heard one of my all-time favorites store, Forever 21, is coming to Holland this year! Well, at first I wanted it to come to Curaçao when I was still living there.. but this is even better.. Sorry for the readers of Curaçao.. hehe ! I am so excited! I wish it was coming to the Hague! But Rotterdam is fine too, it's still really close.. But that takes away my chances of working there :( Anyway, I need to stop whining! The important thing is, it's finally coming!!!!!!!

I was just on the site, and I saw the prices are now also in € ! :D
This makes it way more easier for me, or anybody else to order F21 stuff!
Just for fun I'm going to fill my online wishlist with all my favorite items.. especially with the jewelry and handbags!! Ohhh happy daaayyyyyy!

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  1. *AAA* For real!? Yaaaay I <3 that brand as well & I'm currently living in Holland soo Yaay! I hate that you can't order some brand online (US) 'cause either they don't ship it here or you can only use a credit card. Lame!

    Great news! Thanks! I'll be sure to check it out!.. Oo wait.. when's it getting hereeee!?!? Like the official date..

    I'll be sure to keep up with your blog! ;-) Xo

  2. @Anonymous:
    i know what you mean, it is sometimes very difficult do buy online(US)

    but i have no idea actually when it is getting here, but i am looking forward to it a lot.

    thank you, i appreciate it <3

  3. Ooo.. love this news!! The jewelry and handbags as you said.. OMG. I can't wait! Bummer that I live even further away grrr. But oh well, I can still visit from time to time. Anywho GREAT NEWS :D :D

  4. Finally! I've been snooping around the site & got even more excited! Lovin the prices too, so affordable! =P If u by any chance get the opening date make sure 2 keep us posted! =D


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