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Thursday, January 20, 2011

H&M Home Inspiration ♥

Now that I have had my own place in Holland for about two months now, I really want to get started on the make-place-very-girly operation! I want to have like this really really girly house, which will make it perfect for girls movie night and diy beauty session with friends.. as i love doing those things..

I really love to use Xenos and H&M home decor items to get to work.
Right now I'm just going through the H&M home category (which is apparently only available online). I kinda wish I bought some of the on-sale items when there were still some very girly stuff in stock.

But now they have a completely new collection. These are some of the things (H&M) I thought were really cute.

Wonder if there are places other than xenos and H&M that have cute decorations for a girl to make a normal house into a girly house. Are you student living on your own as well? How did you decorate it, I would love some new inspiration.


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  1. i'm dying to get my own place just so i can go mad in h&m home haha


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