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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kardashians SillyBandz♥

I was just brainstorming about something to blog today. I had no inspiration what so ever today as I was in school the whole day listening to cultural presentations, when I saw Kim Kardashian's facebookpost of her blog appear..

I LOVE the KARDASHIANS! I think they're sooooo prettyyyy and gorgeous!! I don't really have a favorite, i love them all equally.. The girls are gorgeous and Rob is just too damn hot! I even adore little Mason, he is like the cutest baby boy everr!! You can say I do look up too Kourtney, because I think she is almost just as short as me, maybe a bit longer.. But even though she is very Petite, she still manages to dress really really fashionable. Ps. The whole Klan dresses fashionable, I would love to meet them all one day♥♥♥
But okay, today is not really about the Kardashian Kloset! (I love how they turn every word with a C in to a K-word, so I did the same)

Kim announced that they have their own SillyBandz! You know, the silly bands you can wear as a bracelet? You can get them in all these silly shapes, when you wear them the shape disappears.. But the moment you take them off, the shape is supposed to re-appear. SillyBandz are really popular among teenagers, especially kids. I saw some at Claire's.

The Kardashian SillyBandz are a bit more glamorous than the usual animal and other shapes you would normally find. Their pack comes with 24 different shaped bands including DASH logo, sunglasses, Kim's perfume bottle, silhouettes from Kourtney Kim and Khloe etc. (Source: KIM KARDASHIAN)

I would want a glam pack like that, would you too? Or are you not that into the Kardashian Dolls?



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