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Monday, January 24, 2011

Paper Soap♥

As a real girly girl I don't like using public bathrooms at all. It's always filthy, stinks and most of the time there is no toilet paper or soap. I just prefer sitting on my own toilet in my own home. Then I know for sure it's a clean bathroom.
But we all had to experience at least one time where we were in a public place and really really had to go to the bathroom. And I for one, know for sure that, when you gotta go.. you GOTTA go! Sometimes it can take you several minutes to find one.. And when you do, you see that it is the most filthiest bathroom you have ever seen!
Luckily a lady always carries around tissue paper for COE (cases of emergencies)!
So cleaning the toilet seat is covered, even though I never never never never sit on public toilets. Eeeew
When you're done and you pulled up your pants, you realize.. crap there is no soap! Lucky for you, you can now carry soap with you every where.. And no I'm not talking about the big soap bar you shower with :) But the thinnest thing you can ever imagine.. think of paper! Or just look at video!

I thought it was really cute and is definitely a must-have!
Sources: Fanilla

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  1. I really want to try this out. It seems great!

  2. I SO want this! Being the hygiene freak that I am.. It's perfect!!! ♥


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