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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Flower Power♥

I'm so ready to just hide my winter clothing waaaay in the back of my closet. Now I'm talking as if I had a walking closet (I wish!). But I am so done with the dark warm clothing! I just want to wear color color and more color! For me that means wearing cheerful, bright and floral clothing!!

I have noticed floral is a BIG trend this spring!! And I just love it.
Who doesn't cheer up with florals around them?
I especially love the floral pants, it catches someones eyes right away! Someone can see you coming from a far distance! For all of you that didn't know, I love being the center of attention. Not everytime! But when it comes to dressing stylish, I do!
I want to be seen as very trendy and not afraid of wearing outstanding clothes.

So I am planning on wearing them a lot this season. Ofcourse won't I only wear pants, but all things floral! NOT ALL TOGETHER though, I mean I wouldn't want to look like a flower garden! I might attract bees, lol..Not my intention..

Do you see yourself wearing anything floral this season? I would love to know what item.

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  1. I agree I am soooo over winter! I cannot wait to rock floral dresses :)


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