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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sephora: 3-for-10 ❤

I don't own any Sephora makeup or cosmetics, because I prefer buying more budget makeup with that money than just one or two Sephora makeup items! That's why I'm so excited for this! From 24th of March (this Thursday) you can get 3 products for just €10 at V&D!!!!!!

Now I understand I'll have to be there somewhat early, to get the good stuff.
Take note: this special only applies to brandname Sephora makeup and not the 'tools'. The makeup palettes are not included either.

I am not that familiar with all the products Sephora has to offer, but I am excited to do some makeup shopping! I am definitely loving pink lipsticks and bright color eyeshadows, so we'll see. I just can't stop over the face of the price I'll be paying! :D
I am not sure till when this special offer lasts, but I believe it'll be over before you know it!

Are you going to take a look? If so, what are you excited to get?

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  1. Hey Tiff!! I am super excited too for this sale! I go every year and always get something cute an amazing. I love the lip products they have. The eyeshadows are not that good IMO, but maybe I should try one out this time.

    The things that sell out the fastest are foundation and powders and such. Those are also the most expensive products so I can imagine why everyone would go crazy on them.

    I would totally recommend going the first day!! Oooh and if you have time go like tomorrow or so, and try everything out, so you know what you are getting on the day of the sale. hahah LOL a whole strategy for a sale! ;)

  2. @GlamorousGia hahah i know! these things will sell out FAST! Good idea, right after school I'll go have a look and make my wishlist! Thanks for the tip! <3

  3. yaaay that's my birthday, but i don't really know what to buy ;P

  4. Can't wait!!! ♥ & nice strategy indeed Gia..


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