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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Confessions of this Blogger #010 ❤

And this is the 10th blog feature!


Name: Emily
Age: 25
Location: Los Angeles
Social Networks: Twitter, Facebook
Occupation: Entrepreneur

Are you a Fashion Blogger or a Beauty Blogger?
Fashion (with the occasional beauty post!)

What is the name of your Blog? Why did you choose that name?
TheStylist LA. When I started my company I was looking for a name that embodied what we do....I figure if we are trying to "style LA" why not be called, TheStylist LA? (BTW our company is a high-end dress borrowing service...through the company women can rent designer dresses for a week at a case you were wondering!)

What made you start Blogging? And when exactly did you start?
I started blogging in May of 2009 (wow, I can't believe it's been almost two years!) I started about the same time I started the company. I wanted to company to have a better voice through blogging and I knew that blogging would help me find inspiration.

What do you like the most about Blogging?
I love everything about blogging. I wish I could do it all day every day :-) But if I had to pick I would say my favorite part is constantly being inspired by what other Bloggers write about.

Where do you get your Ideas/ Inspiration for your Blog Posts?
Everywhere. I read my favorite blogs every day. I look at refinery29 and Who What Wear daily. I read fashion magazines and I like to observe what random people on the street are wearing on a daily basis.

Have any Future Plans for your Blog?
Yes, definitely. I want the blog to get bigger, with more followers, and I want to personalize it a bit more by adding more of my own personal style and maybe even some personal style outfit posts.

Who is your Favorite Blogger? And Why?
That is a very difficult question! It depends on the type of blog you are talking about. Tommy Ton (of Jak and Jil Blog) is one of our all time favorites. However, he is more a fashion photographer than a blogger. So if you mean, real blogger I would have to same Rumi of Fashion Toast. Her style is most in line with my own and I love her writing style. Her inspiration always interests me.

Do you socialize with your Followers?
Yes! As far as replying back to comments, following their blogs and commenting on their sites, I do. I wish that I had more contact with my followers though!

What makes you follow a Blog? (What should that Blog have?)
I think each blog needs to have its own independent personality. I also think its a personal thing whether you like a blog or not. Do you identify with what inspires the blogger? I like when blogs have a mix of inspiration, fashion news, and outfit posts too.

Any last advice for an aspiring Blogger?
Keep at it and stay true to yourself! Don't change your vision because you think you should, or because people tell you you should. Your blog should be a way to keep you inspired and help inspire others, and thus should reflect you (the blogger).

What is your Personal Style?
I would say comfortably polished. I am obsessed with jeggings, jean shorts, skirts, blazers and loading on the jewelry (esp rings). My ultimate goal is to look put together while still being comfortable (since I spend every day running all over LA!)

Who is your #1 Fashion Icon?
That is a very tough question! Right now I can't get enough of Emmanuelle Alt's style. I love how she wears masculine pieces (and many different types of blazers) but still maintains a feminine edge. I also can't get enough of Taylor Tomasi Hill's immaculate mix and match style.

What is your #1 Favorite Beauty Product?
My Clinique Even Better Foundation. This is the only beauty product I use every day.

If you could have any career in Fashion, what would you be?
If I could have any career in Fashion, I would be doing exactly what I am doing now and for that I am extremely lucky. However, I would love to see my company grow, get a bigger client base, build a staff etc.



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  1. I'm totally enjoying your posts on other bloggers. It's nice to get in the heads of others who are doing the same things you are! Great inspiration!

  2. Love this!! Thanks so much :-) Will be sending many people your way.

    TheStylist LA

  3. She's adorable...loving all this posts doll.


  4. What a GREAT interview...thanks so much. I'm headed over to follow her now. xoxo


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