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Monday, May 2, 2011

Confessions of this Blogger #012 ❤

And this is the 12th blog feature!


Name: Jennifer Genaro
Age: 25
Location: Diemen, the Netherlands
Website: Life Fascinations
Social Networks: Bloglovin', Facebook, Twitter
Occupation: Student/ Blogger

Are you a Fashion Blogger or a Beauty Blogger?
I’m a little bit of both. I first started writing about beauty & make-up since I like them so much. But after I became more fascinated with all the new fashion trends, especially the spring trends, I started blogging about them too. I’m not a fashion addict by heart, but I do have a passion for fashion. Since then I try to write at least one blog post a week about fashion.

What is the name of your Blog? Why did you choose that name?
The name of my blog is Life Fascinations! I chose this name, because I wanted to make my blog about all of those things that fascinates me in life. Besides make-up, I love music and cooking/baking. Those are few of the things that fascinate me in life. But later on I began to notice that it’s a little too much to write about all these topics. So then I chose beauty and fashion as a main base for my blog and once in awhile I’ll write about the other things that fascinate me.

What made you start Blogging? And when exactly did you start?
I didn’t know much about beauty blogging and vlogging until last year. I was always a fan of make-up but I always wonder how would they get those colors perfectly blend into each other and why you need to use some different products. A friend of mine started her blog and introduced me to this world. I started to follow her and then watching videos after videos on YouTube. Suddenly I had this idea of starting my own blog. A blog where I could take people along with me on my life journey. Little would I know that after these few months I’d accomplish all of this on my blog. How I learn from then till now how to do different things. Just take a look at my first pictures for example and my current pictures. Big difference. I posted my first post on the 20th of November 2010. But I really started to blog frequently in January 2011.

What do you like the most about Blogging?
What I mostly like is the interacting with other people. How I find myself talking/emailing with others from a different part of the world. How we all share the same love for beauty and make-up and we talk about it.

Where do you get your Ideas/ Inspiration for your Blog Posts?
I do a lot of magazine reading; fashion, beauty, life. It doesn’t matter which kind of magazine. And also I find myself a lot behind my “happy lappy” on the internet searching for anything.

Have any Future Plans for your Blog?
Future plans, future plans…hmmm…
Currently I find it pretty difficult to write a post or two every single day. I try to, but as my followers already notice I’m not there yet. So as a future plan I want to post every single day. And also start vlogging as that’s easier for me and much more interesting for those that read my blog. And also I want to take a make-up course to make nicer looks with a nice finish, to learn more for my blog.

Who is your Favorite Blogger? And Why?
This question is pretty difficult, because there’s so many bloggers out there from who I love their work. But okay, if I really have to choose I would go for Dutch beauty blogger Serena of BeautyLab. She’s so up to date in the blogging scene and has a hilarious way to write her blog. Such a funny girl to watch.

Do you socialize with your Followers?
I so love my followers. I see them as my-never-met-but-love-friends. They are the ones that I’m so grateful to. Because they take the time out of their life to read everything I post. So anytime I get a comment or an email I try and do my best to answer them.

What makes you follow a Blog? (What should that Blog have?)
I’m such a sucker for eye candy pictures. If a blog has those perfect taken and edited pictures I would hit the follow button instantly. Because that shows how much care the writer puts into her work. But I also love the blogs that are always up to date, has good information and such a treat to read. (Ha, that rhymes). Those I love to read and I don’t want to miss any post of them.

Any last advice for an aspiring Blogger?
My advice would be; Just Do It! If you’re walking around with the idea, thinking about it, maybe you’re doubting about it… Stop-with-that. Just go to your PC or lappy, log on Blogger or Wordpress or whatever and make yourself a blog. Because thinking about it or doubting wouldn’t help you in any way. So go ahead and take the first step. That would be such an accomplishment and you would be much happier.

What is your Personal Style?
My personal style is all around. Depends on the occasion and my mood and maybe also the weather. For school for example: If it’s winter and I’m late which makes me grumpy I would grab the first thing I see in my closet to wear. But if it’s spring, I would prepare my outfit a day ahead. Something chic/flowery/laid back combined with either some heels or flats. And if the weather is nice and warm I would even wear some sandals. And most important, I’d be sure to be on time.

Who is your #1 Fashion Icon?
Ehm… … My #1 Fashion Icon… hmmm…
That would be a mixture of Rihanna meets Katy Perry meets Dita Von Teese meets Ashley Tisdale.

What is your #1 Favorite Beauty Product?
I have two favorites. First one is my Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer. I really love this thing. How it keeps my eye look the whole day on my eyes. Just amazing. And my other favorite product are lipsticks. I wasn’t a fan until recently, but just how lip color can change your whole face.. I love that.

If you could have any career in Fashion, what would you be?
I want to be a professional make-up artist. Like one for the celebrity’s. He he… And a more realistic career is to be CEO of my own fashion/beauty webshop.



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