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Monday, May 30, 2011

the Dutch Model Event 2011 ❤

All inspiring models, listen up!
This is your chance to get noticed and get that modeling career you've been dreaming about, since the moment you first started walking, running.
You're probably thinking, what is this girl talking about..right?

Welllll, I'm talking about the Dutch Model Event 2011, powered by ModelsWay. This is the event of all models, photographers, makeup artists and clients! This will be the place to build up your network.
Last year after being just a couple of days in Holland, I also attented a similar event. It was amazing! I had the chance to take snapshots, get my hair and nails done and also sit back while a make artist was creating magic on my face. The model event area looked just like a little piece of girl heaven, pink everywhere!

These are just a few shots of last year.

The Dutch Model Event will be held on 18th and 19th of June 2011 in Jaarbeurs, Utrecht. This event will be from 11am till 6pm (18 June) and from 10am till 5pm (19 June). Tip: Go as early as you can, because you wouldn't wanna miss out on being noticed and getting to strut your stuff on the catwalk. You can already order your tickets so you can be sure you won't be left out, since tickets are limited. Once you're in, all you gotta do is make the light shine on you! And proof that you have potential to be the successful model you believe you can be. For more information, check:

I'll definitely make sure I will attend one day, I might get lucky!
Will you go? Let me know..


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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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