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Saturday, May 14, 2011


So yesterday I told you that I attended this FASHIONCHICK meeting in Amsterdam, and today I'm going to explain what that was about.

For the ones that don't know the site FASHIONCHICK.NL, is a Dutch fashion site where you can shop till you drop as they have all these amazing brands, you can read about the latest fashion news and trends, you'll discover new webshops and by creating a profile you can fill your virtual closet with all the stylish items you see on the site. That's perfect for when you need a little inspiration for your latest event or just if you feel like going on a shopping spree. So be sure to check out this fashionable site and get your shopping on :) But now more about the meeting!

A few weeks ago, I filled in a FASHIONCHICK survey just for fun and when it asked me if I was willing to help them out more in the future, I gave up my email. I totally forgot about it, until I got this e-mail from Marlies Bax, inviting me to a sequel research where me and 5 other girls would be interviewed all at once just so they could get an idea of what we think of the site, what is our main purpose to using the site, and what we think could've been better or if we have any ideas for improvement! I thought it was really cool for me and 5 girls who apparently live in totally different parts of Holland, to be able to give my opinion and help think of new ideas for this popular site. We gave them some insight of what we really liked about it, where we're having problems and what would be so cool to add to the site!

After the meeting with Marlies which was a little over one hour, she was very satisfied with our cooperation. We were filmed throughout the whole interview, so hopefully they can watch back and really use our opinions to make FASHIONCHICK.NL even more enjoyable for every shopaholic.
When we were about to leave, Marlies gave each one of us this cute little package as a thank-you gift! :DCute pink feather FASHIONCHICK.NL pen, a FASHIONCHICK.NL jewelry (can be worn as either a necklace or bracelet) and a piece of Lush soap. Mine smells really sweet, I love it!

As their motto says: "We just loooove online shopping!"
So go check out FASHIONCHICK.NL, follow them on twitter or like their facebook page!!


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Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  1. Sounds super fun! Hey Tif, I gave you a Liebster Blog award! Hope you like it xx

  2. How exciting! What a great experience. Thanks so much for sharing it in this post.


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