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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm on the Fashion Bloggerslist! ❤

I think I speak for every blogger if I say it's such a satisfying feeling being recognized as a blogger. I blog, because I love it. But what's a blog without getting to share your thoughts with others?

I LOVE FASHION NEWS, a Dutch website recently created a Fashion Bloggerslist and a Beauty Bloggerslist where every blogger and every reader can discover other blogs. (note: the blogs are either in Dutch, or written by Dutch bloggers.) On the list I found a lot of blogs that I was already following, but also a lot of new blogs that I didn't even know off.. It's so cool to think that others are now discovering my blog, as well as I am discovering theirs. I just love the blogging world.

The list has grew out to be such a long list, so if you're a Dutch blogger and you want to have a place on the list, just send an email to: A simple email, just with your blog url..and it's done! My blog was listed right away!
Take a look..

Love it! Now I'll just go look at the other blogs.. Maybe there's a new favorite somewhere in there?

Be sure to check the lists out as well at right here :)


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  1. that's so exciting!!! congrats girl :)
    i just sent the e-mail, didn't knew about this page and I LOVE it!!! hope to be on that list soon<3


  2. Congratulations to you...this is amazing news. I would love a British company to do something like that as I am sadly not dutch. :(

  3. How exciting! What a great find, thanks for the info. Must go check it out now!
    Dressology HQ


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