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Monday, August 29, 2011

Thoughts on VMAs '11 ❤

So yesterday was the VMAs and like every year I was hooked in front of my tv to see my favorite artists and the fashion, ofcourse!

I loved how gorgeous and grown both Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato looked.

 And then we have Beyonce who indirectly announced that she had a little surprise for everybody!

And as for Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga? I think they need to find new stylists!

A few of last night's hotties
 Buttttttt.... I was the most hyped and excited for Chris Brown's performance! Whether you know me for a few days, weeks, months or eternity... EVERYBODY knows I LOVE this man! In Holland the VMAs were at 3:30 am! I stayed up all night just to see him perform, and it was so worth it! I was blown away by his performace.
He was dancing his ass off, flying in the air! Amazinggggggggg

I can watch this performance over and over again, I'm not even lying! Love this dude..

What are your thoughts?
Who was your best-dressed, worst-dressed?
Who's performance did you like, and which one was your least favorite?

Share with me.


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  1. The back of Selena Gomez's dress was sexsay!!! Beyonce stole the show!!!

  2. Love Selena.. Gorge as always! Still shocked by Beyonce, though it was about time.. Nicky & Gaga crazy as always.. Looks like life's a circus 4 them.. & Chris.. Hahah love the amount of pix u posted of him..


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