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Monday, September 5, 2011

Event: Grazia PC Catwalk ❤

Yesterday was the Grazia PC Catwalk show in Amsterdam. Many people attended to watch some fierce-looking models strut their stuff on the longest catwalk Holland has ever seen. When I say long, I do mean looong. The catwalk was 320m long!
It looked so cool, I wish I was one of the models..

The show opened with a few dancers showing of their moves and finalists of this year's X - Factor (Holland), Adlicious who gave us a little performance with some backup dancers. And a few rain drops later the show started.
What I have noticed was that dark colors are definitely in style this season. A lot of collections consisted of some black, grey, brown and navy blue. Even the lipsticks on some models were dark colors.
But luckily there was also a pop of color in some of the collections, like the ones on the picture below, which are from Azzurro Fashion Group. Eventhough the dark colors was empowered this whole show, I still liked the fact that the majority of the female models wore icy blue eyemakeup and pink lips.
The fashion showed during the entire catwalk could definitely make anybody excited about the next fall and winter. Boots, Trenchcoats, Scarves, Leather Jackets.. just anything to keep you warm, but still look like something ripped out of a fashion magazine.
Azzurro Fashion Group
Azzurro Fashion Group

I'm going to share a few videos that I recorded with my simple digital camera, so excuse me if you think the quality is bad/wrong. Also I was recording holding the camera vertically and I have no knowledge of video editing (no matter how simple it is) what-so-ever. I couldn't figure out how to rotate the video. So I'm sorry for the neck pain you'll be have after watching.

Wanted to upload a few more, but apparently Blogger wouldn't let me. Very weird.

I attended the PC Catwalk with one of my good friends and fellow blogger Omaily from Shades of Sexy Little Things

 Since this was actually my first event attending as a fashion blogger, I thought I'd share my outfit of the day with you. And because I know I have been promising this for a while now. Today I basically wore something a little simple, since I knew that the weather wasn't going to be all that nice. Luckily it didn't rain as much as expected.

What I Wore:
H&M Striped Sweater
Miley Cyrus & Max Azria Black Leggings
Golden Chain Necklace (Bought in Curaçao)
H&M Golden Wing Ring & Golden Chunky Ring
H&M Black Wedges

I sure hope this isn't the only event I'll get to attend.
Who attended the Grazia PC Catwalk as well? Did you?


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  1. Cool! Didn't even know about this one! 2 bad I missed it =(

  2. You look so cute, love the outfit! That looks like such a great show.
    Also, I gave your blog an award! You can see it here:


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